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This site is dedicated to the science of Astrology and is developed by a team of professionals.

It contains a variety of astrological tools and features available to each of the users of the site. There are features both for beginners – users who do not understand anything about Astrology, and for those familiar with the basic astrological postulates, as well as for professional astrologers. It depends on the users how deep they are willing to go into astrological knowledge, gradually revealing the picture of a horoscope – their own or that of someone else.

Many free services are offered, as well as others – at symbolic prices. The paid modules work on the basis of a loaded voucher – a credit from which the requested services are paid. Reloading a voucher is done in 3 simple steps through several online payment platforms (e.g. PayPal, and several offline ones (EasyPay cash register, ATM, bank transfer).

We draw special attention to the fact that the various payments for services are only and solely payments for the personal time spent by the Astramen team, for the programmers’ efforts and professional maintenance of the website and Facebook profiles. Astrological information cannot in any way be valued through human notions of money and services, because it is of Spiritual order.

For more information about the features offered by the site, please see the “Services” page.

Regarding the protection of personal data entered and used on the site:

The website and database are hosted on secure servers of the largest hosting company in Bulgaria. Only the site team has access to the database and it is also carried out via a secure connection and after authorization. The whole website operates entirely under an encrypted secure connection to the browser. Registration and all other forms on the site also go through this secure connection. Access to the user database is secure, and this data is accessible only to the website team through authorized and traceable access. Personal data is used only for astrological analyses and communication with the user, and is not provided to third parties.

This website uses cookies to store some user settings, as well as to anonymously analyze traffic. Cookies represent packages of information stored in the user’s browser, and they do not leave the device on which the website opens. In them, we do not store personal information, but only what is necessary for easier and smoother use of the site.

The site also uses localization to provide more personalized content, as well as to prevent abuse.

For more information regarding the use and protection of personal data, please see the “Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” page.

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