Observing the processes surrounding the destructive storms, hail, floods and tornadoes that hit Bulgaria these days, and feeling the anguish and pain of the people because of the destroyed crops, gardens and homes, the question arises:


Meteorology can provide information in advance and a sufficient number of anti-hail missile batteries can be used. Not hundreds, but thousands of launches are needed in situations like these, and over a large area and at high altitude. In reality, however, this is a mechanical approach to the subject, which is useful, but does not eliminate the causes of disasters, because behind every disaster there are certain karmic and spiritual causes. It is on this topic that I want to make certain clarifications.

The Earth, together with the Solar System, enters a new region of the Galaxy, and this radically changes the processes in the Sun and all the planets in the Solar System, including the Earth. The magnetic field changes, cosmic radiation increases, the general temperature rises, which does not depend only on human activity, but mostly on the Earth's geophysical activity and the cosmic processes directly related to the Earth. This will inevitably affect climate and weather processes everywhere on Earth.

Yes, certain military, political, and scientific circles want to alter Earth's climate, weather, and even geophysical processes for destructive, self-serving, or seemingly good motives, but this is a doomed cause that can achieve minimal, temporary, and often insubstantial results. , because the scales of energy and resources used by humanity for these purposes are microscopic compared to the energy of the Galaxy, the Sun and the planet Earth itself, which, as three huge Cosmic Living and Intelligent Beings, handle indescribably more powerful physical, energetic, informational and conscious processes and resources.

In this context, no matter how powerful energy is pouring into the ionosphere from the HAARP systems of the USA, Europe, Russia and China, it cannot be compared to the energy of the Earth and the Sun itself. Yes, people try to increase, decrease and control the Northern Lights, but just one gesture of the Sun is enough to change the ENTIRE magnetic field of the Earth and in a very short time.

Yes, there is definitely chemical manipulation and geoengineering of the Earth's atmosphere, especially over the USA and over the military actions between Russia and Ukraine, but regardless of the enormous financial, material and energy resources invested, it cannot be compared to the scope and power of a Hurricane, a Superstorm . Cyclone, Anticyclone or even a single more serious storm.

Currently, at least four Natural factors are combining, which do not depend on humanity in any way:
- First, the entire Solar System, the Sun and the Earth are entering a new, very different Cosmic environment, which is saturated with pristine and pure energy. Master Petar Dunov spoke about this almost 100 years ago and explained to us that whether we want to or not, we will have to adapt to the Holy Fire that will come from the New Galactic Spaces we are entering, and it is better to adapt wisely , consciously and purposefully to reduce our suffering, rather than doing nothing or even counteracting this adaptation, because if this were done, there would be a lot of suffering and unnecessary torment.- Second, the Sun is currently at its Solar Maximum and very often Sunspots and bulges make eruptions many times larger than our planet itself and gigantic flows of matter and energy that flood the Earth.- Third, the Earth's magnetic field is preparing to reverse its poles. In recent years it has weakened too much and is letting in much more Solar fluxes of radiation and energy that charge the Earth's atmosphere, the psyche and biology of living beings, including humans, with much more energy than normal. This is felt by the Earth and she, having received this energy from the Sun in her aura, realizes many more and much more powerful magnetic, atmospheric and geophysical events that are experienced by people in a spectacular and sometimes catastrophic way.- Fourth, the biggest Earth's ocean - The Pacific Ocean this year realized the phenomenon of El Niño , and even now it turns into El Niña , which in itself changes the meteorological conditions of almost the entire Earth, as it does in Europe or big storms and floods, or it is realized intense drought.


The more unspiritual and disrespectful humanity or a nation or a person treats beings more advanced in their development than us, the more powerful the suffering and calamities to these subjects. This is a law that is based on the Spiritual and Cosmic immune processes in our planet and the universe as a whole. To put it quite clearly, when a given cell or organ becomes overly individualized in relation to the Whole of which they are a part, then dangerous disease processes occur in the body of the Whole and this provokes Immune processes in the system. This leads to the suffering that the Intelligent Spirit World inflicts on a people, for example, in order to bring about a healing correction in extreme individualization and thus achieve the restoration of harmony and order in the Whole. If, despite these healing processes, there is no correction in behavior, thinking and feeling in the right direction, even more serious measures follow.

What I am saying here is that the Galaxy, Sun, Planets and Earth are Living and Cosmic Intelligent Beings that have a direct connection and relationship with Spiritual Beings far more advanced than us. The Galaxy and its Cosmic Structures and Solar Systems are related to the Great Beings of Divine Order known to Christian metaphysical thought. These are the Three Logos of the Trinity, the Spirit of Christ, the Seraphim, the Cherubim and the Thrones - a total of 7 Macrocosmic Beings and Levels of Reality: 3 Logos-Galactic Self-Three Divine Hierarchies. Not only are they directly related to the manifestation, dynamics, development and spiritual unfolding of our Galaxy and our Solar System in its entirety, but they also relate to the Great Principles of Love, Wisdom and Truth, as well as their Psychocosmic manifestations as universal principles: Life , Knowledge and Freedom manifested in and towards beings, as well as their Cosmic manifestations as universal principles: Heat, Light and Power. All these 9 universal degrees of influence have a direct bearing on the life of mankind, the given peoples and individual genera, families and individuals.

On the other hand, the Stars, our Sun, the planets in the Solar System and the Earth itself, and generally speaking every star and planet are essentially beings similar to us humans. As each of us has Spirit, Soul and Body, so each Star and Planet has its three elements which can be grasped by human thought as Consciousness, Life and Form. The thing is that the given Star or Planet has for its individual Cosmic Consciousness a being of the Hierarchy of Dominions, then it has for its unique Cosmic Life a being of the Hierarchy of Powers, and then it has for its unique Cosmic Form a being of the Hierarchy of Powers ( also known by the name Elohim, used in the first words of the Bible). Thus, our planet Earth actually represents a collective of three Great Beings - one Dominion, one Power and one Authority, who manifest themselves as Spirit, Soul and Body, or in other words - Consciousness, Life and Form of our planet.

Things do not stop here, the Earth as a ternary collective of Dominion-Power-Power (a kind of projection of the Trinity itself) manifests its psychic and vital activity through the various natural kingdoms, civilizational, cultural, ethnic and human processes. Thus, the cultural and civilizational processes of humanity are created and guided by the Hierarchy of Beginnings. The nation processes and the Animal Kingdom are created and guided by the Hierarchy of Archangels. Individual human lives as well as the Plant Kingdom are organized and guided by the Hierarchy of Angels. Then comes our Hierarchy, which must evolve according to the Divine Plan into the first Hierarchy of Love and Freedom. We humans govern and manifest through the spiritual principles, virtues, archetypes, motives, causal seeds and results, thoughts, feelings, actions and words, using the Mineral Kingdom for our activity and work in the outer world. We humans live in a particular reincarnation in the 7 levels of the Earth world - the Earth element, the Water element, the Air element, the Heat Ether, the Light Ether (these two Ethers united together are called the Fire element), Chemical Ether (also called Sound or Numerical Ether) and Life Ether, and we must learn to have a Sacred Attitude, Reverence and Respect for all the Divine Hierarchies that directly permeate and define our lives, then for all the Star-Planetary Hierarchies that literally nurture and nurture us as beings, then to all the Angelic Hierarchies close to us, and last but not least to the beings who live, move and transform the Earthly elements.

It is when one lives in harmony with God manifested in all these hierarchical levels of Reality, it is when one honors and manifests Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth, and works consciously to manifest and establish God's Justice and Virtue, that it is then that the human being evolves and fulfills his mission and vocation in life, which was given to him personally by God. In order to fulfill this mission, one must be a STUDENT in the Great School of Life and purposefully study the Sciences of self-knowledge, as well as the Sciences of studying the manifestations and life of God manifested and working through all the Hierarchies of beings described above. This is where the sciences come in: Astrology, Esoteric Ecology, Esoteric Meteorology, Planetary and Life Immunology, which can also be called Causology - the science of Cause and Effect (Karmic) processes in the life of Humanity, Peoples, Genera and the individual. And in this sense, when Astrology gives information that a calamity or a catastrophic period is coming, intelligent people can check what is happening in their horoscopes, through the software I made ( ), and so they can assess the risk personally to themselves and their loved ones, and then reduce that risk by taking reasonable action.

And vice versa, - when peoples have a common ideological attitude and when the individual thinks that he has only one body and no soul and spirit; - when a person thinks and defines his life from the idea that he lives only once on this Earth; - when a person is an atheist and even slanders God; - when one scoffs at the ideas and experiences that there are higher spiritual beings above us in the ladder of life; - when a person consumes the benefits of Nature and Life without any gratitude, but only in the name of selfish arrogance, then an IMMUNE RESPONSE arises at the Planetary and Life level against these Nations, Societies, Social Groups, Genera and individuals. This higher Immune Response manifests itself as Natural Disasters against nations, societies and genera, and manifests itself as a series of negative events in the life of an individual.

And in this sense, when there is objective and generally available astrological information about a problem with a given natural element already in the Annual Horoscope of a given country and people or in the New Moon and Full Moon chart, extreme improper behavior in the population should be reduced, as well as Collective prayers are made and acts of Personal and Collective repentance, Individual and Collective forgiveness and a sacred attitude towards the Divine, manifesting through the various beings, are made.

This is because humanity, the given nation and individual is responsible to God (Living Spiritual and Reasonable Nature - The Totality of Higher Spiritual Hierarchies) for its inadequate behavior and only through conscious Charity, as a manifestation of Love to God, can it be mitigated the karmic retribution and backlash from bad behavior.

The question can be asked in the context of Life Immunology, Esoteric Meteorology and Esoteric Ecology: What is the cause-and-effect relationship between the wrong behavior of nations and people and natural disasters? (Here I am talking about the real causes, not the mechanical processes that can provoke such disasters):

- Bad thoughts and words create storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.
- Self-serving thoughts and stony lack of empathy in hearts create hailstones.
- Bad feelings and not appreciating the goods of life create floods. - Extremely improper Spiritual behavior creates fires. - Extreme materialism creates earthquakes. - Opposing God and serving dark forces provokes volcanic eruptions. - The brutal attitude towards nature and the ugly tourism that does not appreciate the Spiritual side of the mountain, as well as people who do not appreciate the sacred places and energies of the mountain provoke avalanches. - The ultimate motive and excessive desire to consume earthly goods creates landslides. - The lack of Love for God and even pollution of the holiness of Love create tsunamis and destructive manifestations of the tides.
- The ultimate human civilizational mental impurity provokes the Cosmic Fire of the Sun and the Galaxy. - The ultimate human civilizational heart impurity provokes Magnetic Storms in the Earth's Aura. - Black magic as a mass manifestation, aggression against Life and slander against the Good Lord God provokes the fall of Asteroids and Comets on the planet.

On the other hand, it must not be forgotten that behind Nature there is a world saturated with Life of the so-called Natural Beings. In ancient times, humanity was in conscious, good and friendly relations with these beings at certain historical moments, and then Nature responded with heavenly living conditions. However, when people forgot the Natural Beings, their tireless work and work for the Planet, and showed not only a lack of gratitude, but even an arrogant attitude towards nature and the Beings, then the Nature Spirits entered into great suffering and even realized Spiritual Rebellions and wars against people. EXACTLY THIS IS ONE OF THE SERIOUS CAUSES OF CERTAIN NATURAL DISASTERS.

Therefore, our people must restore their sensitivity to the Nature Spirits. It is necessary to treat the work and efforts of the Nature Spirits with respect and gratitude. There are quite a few types among them, but: - The Earth element is moved by the Divine in the Gnomes, - The Water element is moved by the Divine in the Unds, - The Air element is moved by the Divine in the Sylphs, - The Fire element is moved by the Divine in the Salamanders.

And at the present moment, when Christ is working extremely intensively in the Ethereal world, the Lord needs collaborators who, with Love for God and Charity, work consciously for the good of planet Earth and the Spiritual Awakening of Humanity from its materialistic sleep.

And in this sense: - when men, peoples and humanity in their entirety have good thoughts, pure motives and words, and behind this they communicate harmoniously and are grateful to the Sylphs, so the danger of destructive storms, hurricanes and tornadoes is reduced;
- when people, nations and humanity as a whole have Love for God, a Holy attitude towards Love, good feelings, empathy towards Natural Beings and the life of plants and animals, appreciation of the benefits of life and behind this they communicate harmoniously and are grateful to the Undis , thus reducing the risk of destructive hail, tsunami waves, floods and destructive effects of tides;
- when people, peoples and humanity as a whole have Idea Realism towards the Spiritual World, a Sacred attitude towards Living Reasonable Nature, Gratitude and Respect with gestures of gifts and blessings of Nature and behind this they communicate harmoniously and are grateful to the Gnomes, this is how it is reduced the danger of earthquakes, avalanches and landslides; - when people, nations and humanity as a whole have Correct and Reasonable Spiritual Behavior, when work is done in harmony and unity with God and people serve the Christ Brotherhood of the Bright Angelic Hierarchies, when work is consciously done for universal mental, heart and will purity, peacemaking and union with the Good Lord God and behind this humanity, nations and people communicate harmoniously and are grateful to the Salamanders, thus reducing the danger of fires, volcanic eruptions, solar storms, protuberances towards the Earth, geomagnetic storms and the fall of large space objects on the planet.

This is where the personal spiritual responsibility of man, kindred, societies, peoples, races and humanity itself comes into play. If man, nation and humanity do not work in harmony with the Cosmic Consciousness of the Sun - Christ, who became the Spiritual Nature and Sanctification of the Earth through the Calvary Sacrifice of Christ, an IMMUNE RESPONSE, SOCIAL, NATIONAL, RACIAL AND COMMON HUMAN BAD KARMA arises, which at present works and manifests EXTREMELY FAST AND LARGE such as natural disasters and other catastrophic events. This is because Christ now, through His Second Coming on the Boundary of the Eternal and Astral worlds on Earth, cleanses from the filth of the past and educates all nations and men.

And vice versa, when the man, the nation and humanity consciously and disciplely learns and works, blesses, sings and prays, performs sacred movements, intercedes for the salvation of plants and animals, and shows empathy towards them, cleans and maintains harmony in nature and gives thanks of the Divine manifested everywhere in the Living Fabric of the Earth, then the given person, nation and humanity itself as a whole ELIMINATES BAD KARMA, SOWS THE GOOD SEEDS OF FUTURE GOOD CONDITIONS AND WORKS CONSCIOUSLY FOR THE SECOND COMING OF THE CHRIST SPIRIT AND THE ENTRY OF AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD - PREPARED FOR THEM IN THE AREA OF THE HIGHER PHYSICAL WORLD OR IN OTHER WORDS THE ETHERIC WORLD OF THE EARTH.

Now understanding all this, one must realize that when one speaks with malice and hatred against Astrology and the astrologers who help people to be Cosmically Conscious, it is like using obscenities and slurs against meteorologists who have seen and shown , that storms, lightning and hail are coming. When a person or nation suffers from a calamity, he should not seek to blame his sufferings on an external enemy and blame some conspiratorial forces, but approach his behavior holistically and spiritually and thus find his faults, repent for them and ask the Divine for forgiveness.

Yes, there are dark forces that create grand conspiracies, but the individual has no way to fight these processes externally, BUT THERE IS A WAY to fight them internally with prayer to the Lord, God himself working with His hand and Military, and to deal in the best and most effective way with the dark forces, to surround and protect all good people and peoples, and to bring Peace and Love between all people, peoples and different civilizations. Furthermore, the given group of people and peoples can unite in the outer world by Higher Ideals and Spiritual Values and thus bring their ideas, needs, desires, visions and agenda into their political governance at city, national and international level. Thus, the external conditions can be changed on a larger scale and the conspiracies of the dark forces can be purposefully stopped.

In this sense, instead of looking for personal enemies to vilify, instead of blaming every disaster on HAARP and the CHEMTRAILS , people can apply ADVANCE prayer when a Natural danger is looming, seen through the methods of Astrology. Along with this, parties that have Spiritual and High Moral values and that bring these higher ideas and agenda to the Municipal Councils, the Parliament and the European Parliament can be supported by voting, demanding to prove the reality through objective methods and stop all HAARP , INTENTIONALLY CREATED PANDEMY, MASS GENOCIDE WITH VACCINES, CHEMTRAILS, SPRAYING WITH CHALK TO STOP THE SUN'S RAYS AND ALL OTHER BRUTAL AND INSANE MEDICAL, BIOLOGICAL, GEOENGINEERING AND TERRAFORMING PROJECTS THE DARK SATANIC FORCES on the territory of Bulgaria and the whole European Union.
Through these two methods - one Inner-Spiritual and the other Spiritual-Social, it is actually possible to achieve not only the protection of children and families, but also the spiritual evolution of individuals, nations and all of humanity!






The scientific meaning of Astrology and Fractal Cosmology

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