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Due to the great interest, I will make a training seminar in Bulgarian on 14.11.2020 from 20:30 Bulgarian time for all who want to study Astrology and how to use the software The webinar will be presented at the most comprehensible level and is completely free and accessible through the Zoom platform at:

I will explain the following topics:
• what is astrology,
• what is the difference between higher esoteric astrology and ordinary one,
• how to recognize the good from the frivolous astrologer,
• how to build a horoscope and what a horoscope is,
• difference between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional horoscope,
• what are the 3-dimensional, 4-dimensional and 5-dimensional horoscope,
• difference between zodiacal constellations and zodiacal zodiac signs,
• how to make a forecast,
• hierarchy and strength of forecasting methods,
• how to do astrological analysis, interpretation and prediction,
• how to use software for Astrology training,
• how to use the software to analyze, interpret and forecast the horoscope.

You can see a recording of the webinar here:

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