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HEALTH IMPORTANT ASTROLOGICAL INFORMATION: Several users of my predictions asked me: 'how to use the predictions you write for me personally and my horoscope' and also: 'if there is any astrological health hazard, what can I do to find out that I affects me personally through my horoscope and how to protect myself?' astrological software gives you a full range of very easy to use services on this topic.

Here is an explanation of how these services are used, also shown in the picture of the post (SEE THE BIG SCREEN PICTURE):

1. You need to be registered in the software, and I recommend using it on a laptop or computer, because the phones have small screens and limited hardware. Registration is at: It is necessary for the software to work with your horoscope and to make an interpretation and forecast for you personally, and this information is always available in your account.

2. Once you have registered and have credited some funds to the account at: you will be able to a configuration and forecast that I post, check how it relates personally to your horoscope. I specify that this is an innovation in astrological services, because the analysis is made according to the full horoscope of man (all planets, homes and aspects), and not only to his solar sign, as is widely done in newspapers and media. The check button shows what it looks like in the lower left corner of the picture. After pressing the button and the system checks how the celestial figure is positioned in your horoscope, the software will interpret and explain in Bulgarian what the situation is for you personally and if there is a dangerous configuration about your health or other area of ​​your life, it will be explained in detail by assessing the type of influence and the topics of life where there is an impact.

3. If you want to have enough information weeks and months in advance, it's a good idea to click on the FORECASTS tab, located to the right of your star map (see number 3 on the chart). The SHORT-TERM THEMATIC forecasts sub-tab will automatically open. In it you will see 14 topics from life: health, risk, love, profession, finance, creativity, spirituality, partnership and more. For example, select the topic 'Health' (see point 4 in the picture) and use the buttons below the graph to select the period for which you want to make a graphical forecast (see point 5 in the picture). If you click on the '90 days' button you will have a chart for 3 months of the health processes in your horoscope, shown by minima and highs. On days when the schedule is at a minimum, you need to be more careful, not risk your health and avoid injuries or infections. In this way you can really protect yourself from dangerous processes. The health risk is particularly serious if the health minima coincide as a period with the days when there are serious minima and in the graph of the topic 'Risk' (see point 6 in the picture). In the case shown in the chart, from 9 to 19 December, the person who checks the health risk in his horoscope has a serious danger, shown by the deep minimum of the chart of Risk, which unfortunately in the period 7-10 December coincides with the average stronger health risk, visible on the graph at least on the graph 'Health'. This means that in the period 7-12.12 the person having these two charts in his horoscope must consciously and purposefully protect his health and avoid any unreasonable danger to the most valuable good in life. The most useful and giving even more additional information on these topics is the ability (available if you use the software on a normal computer or laptop) to list all available configurations for each day of a given chart after specifying a point in the chart you are analyzing. With this function you will be able to understand how and why the given minimum or maximum is formed, and even to interpret each individual configuration further. For your convenience, there is a color legend under each chart and an option to display the chart as a calendar.

In other words, if there is a dangerous configuration in space, for example for health, love or transport processes, then after I publish the information about this configuration, you will be able to see it in time and thus have access to the article and the check button ( of course if you also have a registration in Then, you press the button to the article and the software checks how things are with you and gives you specifically for your horoscope what is happening. As I have already explained, your horoscope is not just one solar sign, but the whole group of planets, homes and aspects that are calculated and entered into the software after your registration in it - registration is needed for this.

If a hazardous health configuration critically affects major planets and health homes or units of a transport-dangerous celestial figure affects the homes of the transport activities in your ID star card, THIS MEANS THAT YOU MUST REDUCE THE HEALTH OR TRANSPORT RISK during the targeted configuration periods.

How does this work you ask?

Example: you have a heart and blood problem, and there is a dangerous figure in space and your horoscope is directly affected according to the interpretation of the software I created. This means that you should not be angry, but you should control yourself, not to allow psychological stress and it is necessary to drink blood thinners and herbs recommended by your doctor. This will significantly reduce the health risk of your problems.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: If you have a weak immune system and a dangerous astrological configuration involved Mars, as now, for example, in no case communicate with potentially infectious people - better isolation for 2-3 days than hospitals for several months. This will control the situation and reduce the risk thanks to astrology.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: If there is a complex and dangerous configuration in space at the level of emotions and love life, and you have checked, through the link I give to each forecast and more precisely through the button at the end of the article next to the link, and the dangerous celestial figure affects your personality, your love life, your partner and family relationships according to, then in the described problematic period invest maximum degree of harmony, kind words, kind attitude and at all costs avoid scandals and conflicts in love relationships. This will mitigate the danger and you can even help your relationship to become deeper and more complete, because you will connect it properly with the Cosmic energies.

OTHER EXAMPLE: If the software tells you that there is a transport risk for your horoscope, just do not travel with dangerous transport for 2-3 days that fall below this risk.

The easiest way to make these analyzes for months ahead is through the prognostic transit graph function, which I have created on 14 topics in life - health, risk, love, profession, finance, creativity, spirituality, partnership, etc., as I explained above available in PROGNOSIS tab, sub-tab 'Short-term thematic' prognosis.

SPECIAL EXAMPLE: If there is a strong minimum in a given period for both HEALTH and RISK in a given period - you just need to reduce all risks in this period and especially for your health.

The good news is that you can see this information 3 MONTHS ahead in the future, as well as for any period in the past or future by choosing a starting point for a quarterly analysis ahead in time.

In one sentence - IF THERE IS A RISK ON A GIVEN TOPIC AND ASTRAMEN.COM SHOWS YOU THIS RISK - REDUCE THE RISK ON THIS TOPIC, FOR THE GIVEN DANGEROUS PERIOD. So do intelligent beings, endowed with thought and enjoying the gifts of the Science of Astrology. They are given to you in abundance on the Internet address:!

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