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In the online astrological software - there is a special functionality for forecasting the Astrological weather, which we called Astrological weather forecaster, located in the Prognoses tab. In the solar system, various aspects, geometric configurations of aspects, phases and special combinations of planets and luminaries are constantly formed. The set of all these astrological influences form the common for the whole planet Astrological weather, or more precisely - the common for all people and beings astrological environment in which we live together on Earth. This post shows the Astrological weather of the week from 4 to 10 October 2020.

To facilitate the perception of the targeted information, we have presented it as a graphical mathematical function that forms minima, maxima, a plateau period and special points at which the graph intersects or merges with zero. This graph is formed by the total energy of the various aspects, configurations or phases. If at a given cosmic moment there is a set of disharmonious astrological energies, the graph will form a short minimum, a powerful minimum or even a plateau in the negative zone below the zero of the graph. Conversely, if at a given cosmic moment there is a set of harmonic astrological energies, the graph will form a short maximum, a powerful maximum, or even a plateau in the positive zone above the zero of the graph. When the graph crosses zero or merges with zero in a few days and this intersection or merger is shown with violet dots, it means that in space there are turbulent conditions of transformation and change, even a collision of positive with negative cosmic energies struggling for supremacy. On the image of the post we have visualized the Astrological Global weather during the week 4-11.10.2020.

If you want to check how your horoscope resonates and how the given space combinations for the day affect you personally, you can point the graph on the site and then special information will open where you will see a list of aspects and configurations. When you click on the "Description" link, the site will direct you to the place where the list of information on each aspect is given and at the same time you are given the opportunity with a special button to check how a given space combination affects you personally through your personal horoscope. If you have registered on the site and entered your horoscope in the system, after pressing the check button, the algorithm will evaluate the given aspect, configuration or phase and will show you what the impact on you is specifically. This way, you will know exactly how an element of global Astrological weather affects you in particular.

For your convenience, we have also presented the mathematical graph as a calendar with the same color system that is shown as a legend below the graph. White indicates a normal day where there is no strong negative or positive activation. When there is white, but marked with a purple dot, when the graph crosses zero - this is a day of mixed, transforming and turbulent cosmic conditions. Three shades of blue-green and blue show the positive days, and the denser the blue, the more positive. Yellow, orange, and red show the negative days, and the closer the color is to red, the days are more negative. A red vertical line shows the current moment.

Note that 4-6.10 is a period of positive influences, then in the period 6-9.10 there is a highly turbulent period with mixed and opposite strong energies, and then in the period 10-11.10 there is a sharp minimum of negative cosmic energy, because in the period 9-11.10 there is one of the most dangerous situations in space in October.

This information will be available on, so register with it to access the information. In it, 3 days ahead, the Astrological weather forecaster is free, and when you load the information for 10 days ahead it will cost you 10 astras, and for 90 days ahead it is 90 astras. As the information requires serious calculations, please be patient while the graph is loading, especially when requesting information for more than 30 days.

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