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NEW ASTROLOGICAL FUNCTION AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE: Love is the meaning of life! Love has a dimension that is beyond astrological influences, but much of the human relationship is coordinated by our horoscope and the processes that occur with the planets and horoscope factors that are related to Love. Therefore, I would like to present to you the new feature of the online astrological software - /, which graphically visualizes the astrological influences related to the Love for the personal horoscope of the person. In the PROGNOSES tab and the SHORT-TERM THEMATIC sub-tab, every user of the site who has already registered with the exact time of birth can see their Astrological function of the love astrological dynamics.

Aren't you tired of meaningless scandals or inadequate misunderstandings at certain moments that disrupt your love life? Don't you wonder why on certain days you experience bliss and joy, and sexually you are in top form, and on other days, this is not the case at all? All these dynamic processes have their internal spiritual, psychological and biological cause, but at the same time they have a serious connection with the cosmic processes. Therefore, through this Love Astrological Module we help you to be much more adequate and aware in terms of love.

We have developed astrological algorithms based on the dynamic processes of the real cosmos according to the birth horoscope, especially on the topic of love. These algorithms visualize in the form of color graphics with minima and maxima, areas of plateau or crossing of zero, energy and semantic dynamics on the love theme of life (SEE THE ANIMATION TO THE POST, WHICH SHOWS IN DETAIL THE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE CURRENT LOVE ASTRO MODULE ). When the graph forms a maximum (peak up) above zero, it means that in terms of love man has a tendency to good and favorable condition or intense experiences that the cosmos creates for man and he can use them externally, and may manifest them. on the inner plane as growing in Love on the spiritual plane. And vice versa - when it is formed at least below zero, it indicates an unfavorable period in love. The crossing of zero indicates a change of state, and the purple dot on zero indicates mixed influences causing a weaker or stronger turbulent period in which one must be vigilant and careful on the most important topic in life - Love. In this way, all users, even those who do not understand astrology, can freely and easily access astrological information in the sense of love, to see in advance the good and negative moments about their love life and even to check the most appropriate moments for love. or to perceive love in life.

During the initial scrolling to the module, an example graph is visible, which with the text: "Select period for analysis..." prompts the user to press a button of 3,10,20,30,60 or 90 days for analysis of the Love Dynamics in the personal horoscope of the user. As this calculation costs computer resources, for 1 day of calculation 10 stotinki are used from the balance of the consumer, so for 10 days the price is 1 BGN, and for 1 month is 3 BGN - as much as one coffee. The calculated prognosis graph will be displayed on the site until the period for which it was made expires.

Note that the most powerful online astrological software gives you the opportunity to do not only love graphic-thematic analysis, but also emotional, partner and even sexual graphic-thematic analysis through other graphic modules located under the love graphic module. In this way, you can understand your personal love-emotional-partner-sex life in great detail and thus be much more aware of love.

In order to make the interpretation of the graphic as easy as possible, we have colored it in different colors, making a color legend about the meaning of the colors. The graph shows the time on the horizontal and the positive or negative degree of the cosmic energies on the vertical, which influence the person in love based on his personal horoscope. Below the graph there are buttons through which you can understand the various influences in more detail. A red vertical line shows the present moment, and with the button below the graph entitled "Choose another start date" a person can analyze different time intervals in his life, both in the past and in the future. As this costs new calculations for another time reference point, it will be necessary to spend certain funds from the user's account for this new calculation. However, in some cases, it may be more advantageous to select a longer analysis period instead of setting a new start date - when it is within the available analysis periods. Also, when setting a new start date, the calculated prognosis / schedule will be displayed until it is "cleared", regardless of whether its period has expired.

For those of you who do not understand graphs, we have shown the Astrological information in color calendar form, which again has a legend for maximum convenience and when indicating a day, writes what the day is in relation to the love energies.

For those who want to see in great detail the information about the love dynamics, we have created the opportunity to display a window when displaying the graph, which visualizes which aspects create the love energies of the day. Note that for tablets and phones, this functionality requires pressing, while on computers it is enough to point / hover the mouse over the day of the chart. If you click the "Description" link on an aspect that appears when indicating a day in the chart, the site will redirect you to a button, which if you click you will get a detailed interpretation with dozens of pages of text on love and partner topics.

In order to make it as easy as possible for the user, we have made a list of all the important aspects that form the love energy in relation to a person's personal horoscope for a given period, which is selected for analysis. This list is marked with red text: "Graphic prognosis of the dynamics of love - a list of factors" - when you click it you will see a list of all aspects that form the love energies in your horoscope, and you have the opportunity to interpret each aspect in great detail. love theme. We have placed a filter tool on the right in orange, which allows you to focus on an important day or period and thus get the most accurate astrological information for you personally.

For users with serious astrological knowledge, we have created a timeline - a timeline with all available aspects for a given period, which is available after pressing the CHRONOLOGY button below the color calendar. In this CHRONOLOGY each user can indicate and select an aspect shown in color as a quality and subject it to analysis and interpretation with dozens of pages of unique text created by me personally to help people understand about Partner and love astrology. The useful thing in this case is that the analysis is done specifically in a loving sense, as the aspect is first analyzed as an event, and then as planetary symbolic energies, if the user needs it.

In this way, the team of creates the best possible conditions for you to use and study in great detail the cosmic energies that affect your love life. The reasonable person works consciously with his horoscope on time and on the spot in order to fulfill his Divine vocation on the most important topic in life - Love!

If you want more people to take advantage of the available astrological options, please share the post on your wall in the groups and pages you participate in.

IMPORTANT: The modules on the site require a good Internet connection and normal computers, tablets or phones with relatively large displays. Unlike most astrological sites that predict based on the human zodiac sign - actually taking into account only one factor in the human horoscope - the Sun, uses ALL primary and several secondary factors. , many of which, however, depend strongly on the exact positioning in time and space of human birth. All graphic modules in the tab thematic prognoses, as well as practically all modules for analysis, interpretation and prognosis on the site work effectively and accurately ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE EXACT TIME OF BIRTH. Therefore, if you do not have the exact time of birth from your parents, go to the ESGRAON service and / or the maternity hospital and / or the town hall where you were born and look for information about your birth. First check with your ID card in ESGRAON and request the information - it is your right and do not allow yourself to be manipulated or lied with allegations of burned or sunken archives... The information is available and you can find it. If there is no way you can find information about your birth, astrologers who practice the HOROSCOPE RECTIFICATION method with Primary Directions can help you find the exact time of birth if you know about your birth only an interval of + -4 hours. Fortunately, the astrologer who made this site practices this method and can help you.

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