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STATIONARY MERCURY (30-31.01): Today, almost everyone has heard of retrograde Mercury, but very few people know that Mercury also has a STATIONARY PHASE, which is much more important than retrograde. Thanks to the new PHASE function of the Astrological Internet Software - everyone can know exactly when the retrograde and stationary phases of all planets are. Even more, anyone can enter the PHASES tab at:, where they will see a list of many different phases of the Sun, Moon and planets along with buttons to check the influence of a person's personal horoscope. For example, the STATIONARY and RETROGRAD phase of Mercury are explained as information and to the left of it you can see check buttons. By clicking on them, if you have an account on the site, you will be able to get personal information about you: what the STATIONARY phase means, what is affected by this fixed planet in your horoscope and in which home of your star map is with its static forces. This situation has been interpreted professionally by me and has been given to you for access and reflection. The most important thing in this case is that you have access to information about all the planets and their phases, not just one.

On the other hand, Mercury also participates in the Blade configuration, along with Venus, Pluto and Eris, thus Mercury, which currently combines the qualities of stationarity and visibility, works to mitigate the negatives and intrigues manifested these days. You can also check how you are affected by the Blade configuration, in which the Stationary Visible Mercury participates on the following link: via the button at the end of the article.


The stationary phase of the planet Mercury has an extremely strong influence on the people and beings of the planet Earth. This dynamic situation is formed when viewed from Earth, the planet Mercury seems to stop and its speed in the Zodiac decreases significantly and even becomes equal to 0. At such moments, all topics of life that are under the control of the planet Mercury are in trouble or crisis a situation much stronger than the retrograde influence of this same planet. This is a kind of maximum of the dangerous and difficult energies of the planet Mercury in a dynamic respect. The main topics that the planet Mercury governs are Intelligence and Thinking, Relationships with Relatives, Business Activities, Travel, Documents and Communications, Healing Activities. The static situation on the planet shows that the functions and events related to these topics seem to subside, stop and look for an orientation on where to go.

There are basically two types of stationarity: (1) stationarity before retrograde and (2) stationary after retrograde and before new normal motion. The first type of stationarity (which is still present) is highly problematic and creates situations of attenuation, brakes or problems and misunderstandings in the main topics described above, which Mercury manages. Fortunately, in some places on Earth on January 30, Mercury was seen in its Stationary phase, and this significantly mitigates the negative effects of the static phase.

On the other hand, Mercury also manages certain homes in the personal horoscope and they will also have problems and temporary attenuation of functions, fortunately for only 2 days - 30, until the morning of 31.01. Everyone has a different horoscope and the Astrological Software will give you a personalized interpretation of both the management of the Astrological Houses relative to Mercury and the position of Mercury in the homes, which is another very important interpretation of the effects of STATIONARY MERCURY on a person's personal horoscope. way of life.

A KEY MOMENT is that if sometimes some intellectual, business or contractual activities can be allowed exceptionally on the retrograde phase of Mercury, then it is unreasonable to make meetings, important communications, business deals and contracts on a STATIONARY PHASE, because created at such a phase. , they will be static and without any dynamics of development. Fortunately, now that Mercury has been seen (on 30.01), this dangerous influence is not significant. You can also check how you are affected by the Blade configuration, in which the Stationary Mercury participates on the following link: via the button at the end of the article.

This is where the new feature of can be extremely useful for you and it's free, because the unregistered user sees for 5 days back and 3 days ahead what phases are available, and the registered user can choose up to 90 days ahead to have full information about all planets and luminaries. If you are registered in the Astrological Internet Software - you can log in to your account and then going to this link: you will be able to see the list of phases that are occur in the current period. Select the desired time horizon and so you will have full access to information about the phases long enough ahead.

The moments of the stationary phase on the planets have a huge impact on us, but this phase should not be viewed only in a disharmonious direction. When a planet is stationary, it is the best time to achieve silence, peace and spiritual insights on the topics of life that the planet governs. At the moment, for example, with STATIONARY MERCURY, there are perfect conditions for deep meditation, because the human external mind calms down and remains silent. A person who observes the dynamics of the planets has the opportunity to use constructively and positively, including the stationary phase of the planets. Thanks to the new function, located in the PHASES tab in at:, everyone can consciously study cosmic processes and Phase Astrological phenomena in relation to his life.

Only in the Wisdom of Christ does man find perfect knowledge!

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