Christ’s Astrology

Some would ask the question: What is the relation between Christ and Astrology? Most people still think that Christianity excludes any idea of Astrology. This is not so – because Christ is the true inspirer and leader of the Astrological Science throughout the whole Solar System. He is the Son of the Father, His first and perfect manifestation in the Universe, Which is called “Cosmic and Boundless Love”, having transformed the karma of the whole humankind. Christ Himself said, “I have been given the keys of Earth and Heaven” – that is, He is the One Who coordinates life not only on Earth but in the entire Solar System. Christ is the Spirit of the Solar System; He is the Mighty Spirit of the Sun. To make it clearer to the reader, we will explain this idea through an analogy – a key. In life, we have noticed that almost all the systems through which life manifests are built by means of one basic model – the centre-periphery model. Each atom has a nucleus and a periphery. In the nucleus, there is the information that determines the type of the very atom. There is a cell nucleus in the cell in which we will find the DNA molecules containing information about the life and mission of the cell. Each tree has a central tissue, thanks to which it grows and develops. The body of humans and animals is coordinated by the central nervous system. The life of a human being is guided by his or her Spirit, in which the Creator has invested the mission of this human. Thus, by analogy, according to the ancient principle that what is below is similar to what is above, and vice versa, we can apply the centre-periphery model to the Solar System as well. In it, we also find a core – the central star, which we call “the Sun”, and the periphery, composed of planets, asteroids and comets. Just like any cell, the Solar System also has a specific mission embedded in its core, which unfolds through billions of years of life. The main active essence in this mission is the Word – the Spirit of Christ. Humankind is an organ in the Solar System, a member that is spiritualized, animated by Christ. This Great Cosmic Spirit came from His Heavenly Kingdom, penetrated the earthly aura and life, and enabled all those longing for the Divine Life to ascend. The descent of Christ is the descent of the very Logos of the Sun. This descent is a manifestation of a Great Sacrifice, of a Great Humility. Christ had to become about 75 million times smaller in order to reach the level of humans and become accessible to them in order to save them. Christ comes from the Great Heights of our Galaxy, from the Central Sun of our Galaxy – Alfiola. This huge Sun is the core of the whole Galaxy – and, if our star (i.e. our Sun) is composed of atoms, then this Great Central Sun is composed of stars...

There are many astrological signs in the Bible itself. One of them, for example, is that Christ descended into Judea, which, according to astrological laws, is ruled by Pisces. In addition, according to another astrological law, it was around the beginning of the new calendar era that a new astrological age began – the Age of Pisces. This is how the cosmic laws govern life on Earth, and Christ, the Head of our Solar System, descends at the appointed, special time – the Age of Pisces, and precisely in the nation who is under the influence of Pisces. To make it clearer, we will mention that the astrological law explaining the change of ages is described by the complex movement of the Earth called “precession”. The Earth makes cyclical motions in relation to the plane of the Solar System, thanks to which the vernal equinox point enters a new Zodiacal constellation approximately every 2160 years. About 2000 years ago, this point began to enter the Pisces constellation, and now it is about to enter the Aquarius constellation. This example explains why the early Christians used the sign of Pisces as a symbol to identify themselves with.

Also, notice that it was the Virgin Mary who gave birth to Jesus. It has already been understood that the descent of Christ is symbolized by the Pisces sign, and here Mary corresponds to the sign of Virgo. It is known that the signs of Virgo and Pisces are opposite to each other and symbolize, in their Higher Core Essence, the pure, sacred matter and the Mystical Reality. This is a profound symbol with which the Sublime Intelligent World shows us the mystery of the birth process. Christ can descend on Earth only through an extremely subtle and pure body – and it can only be prepared by a pure and immaculate being like the Virgin Mary, who, according to Spiritual Science, is an Angel sent to Earth from the heights of the Heavenly World especially in order to prepare the body of Jesus.

From the astrological point of view, the miracle performed by Christ – walking on water – is no coincidence as well. We have already said that Christianity relates to the sign of Pisces, and this sign, in turn, is related to human feet. It should be known that there are special centres in the feet, which, if fully developed, will give a person the ability to overcome space without hindrance. These centres and forces are developed to perfection in Jesus, and therefore He is able to step and walk on water.

Christ emphasizes the sign of Pisces elsewhere as well. In the night of the Last Supper, He washes the feet of His disciples with Great Humility, thus preparing the specific conditions in His disciples to receive the Holy Spirit and get a share in the Kingdom of God.

In general, it can be said that Christianity is defined by the signs of Pisces and Virgo. They are embodied also in other situations in the Gospel. For example, Christ asks, “When the son asks his father for some bread, does he give him a stone, and when the child asks for a fish, will his father give him a serpent?” Here again we notice the symbols of Pisces and Virgo. (Astrological pictures depict Virgo as a young virgin or an Angel holding a wheat spike: this is because the Sun is in the sign of Virgo precisely during the wheat harvest period).

Another impressive example is the miracle called “multiplication”, i.e. Christ feeds a multitude of 5000 people with only two fish and five loaves. This event is truly exceptional because it has great depth and spiritual inner sense. Let us explain… According to the Ancient Astrological Tradition, Virgo corresponds to the solar plexus and the area around it. Pisces relate to feet, which really, if you look at them, look like two fish. If we go even deeper into the issue, in the area of the solar plexus we will see an accumulation of nerves and ganglia, which even resemble in shape 5 loaves and 2 fish.

It is important to understand that everything that Christ has spoken represents the Word of the Great Intelligent Nature...


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