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Type: Accented Aspects - Influence: disharmonious - Level: minor-very strong -

Accented Square 3rd degree-left
Selena - Pluto - Sun - Eris

GLOBAL FORECAST (14/01/2022 04:00 - 19/01/2022 15:00)

The structure of aspects in the Solar System Accented Square 3rd degree-left that occurs in the period described shows very strong disharmonious and overstraining cosmic energies. This geometric structure manifests itself when, viewed geocentrically in the local Cosmos, combinations occur between four luminaries, planets or other important cosmic factors. The quadruple combination symbolizes the creation of some material base for the manifestation of the planetary energy.

The very form of this cosmic combination represents axis .

In this case between the planets there is the following relations: 0°-0*°-90 or Selena (´) q Pluto (P) q Sun (Q) r Eris (µ) .

This structure in the Cosmos is occurs relatively rarely in the Universe, and it shows that the Wisely Intelligent Powers use this celestial structure in special cases to turn the human civilization into a special and unique direction.

Since this geometric figure in the sky possesses the quality of asymmetry, it becomes clear that the celestial energies are not so intense by their nature, and one can more easily master and transform them to his/her advantage.

In a global sense, The inclusion of the Sun means that the cosmic processes are directing their energies towards the leaders of society and political leaders. Pluto shows some of the most complex, secretive and somewhat destructive and dangerous energies in human society. It often triggers large-scale energy issues and also everything related to radiation and major devastating vehement mighty forces.

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