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Type: transforming - Influence: transforming - Level: minor-weak -

Neptune - Eris/Selena/North Node - Sun - South Node

GLOBAL FORECAST (19/09/2023 05:00 - 21/09/2023 04:00)

The configuration Fence that is accomplished in the period referred to above shows weak transformational and restructuring cosmic energies. This geometric structure manifests itself when, viewed geocentrically in the local Cosmos, combinations occur between six luminaries, planets or other important cosmic factors. The sixfold relation between the celestial factors shows an impulse towards perfection expressed by the Cosmos.

The very form of this cosmic combination represents rectangle. The fact that several planets form a rectangle in the Cosmos indicates an effort by the Spiritual World to bring the right idea to Earth.

In this case the connections between these planets have the following angular sequence: 30°-150°-30°-150° or Neptune (O) i Eris (µ) q Selena (´) q North Node (¤) o Sun (Q) i South Node (¥) o←.

The mentioned geometric figure is occurs relatively rarely in the Universe, and it shows that the Living Intelligent Nature works in a unique way on the destinies of all beings on the face of the Earth.

Since this celestial shape possesses the quality of symmetry, this shows that the celestial energies have in themselves the potential through which to direct humans and other beings towards the world of the Truth.

In a global sense, The inclusion of the Sun means that the cosmic processes are directing their energies towards the leaders of society and political leaders. Neptune's involvement brings a social emphasis on the configuration and even a mystical flavour into the cosmic situation; however, often Neptune enhances the influence of the Cosmos on water elements and vehement forces, and all phenomena associated with them.

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