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Type: transforming - Influence: transforming - Level: minor-medium-strong -

North Node - Selena - Lilith - Moon/South Node

GLOBAL FORECAST (27/02/2024 18:00 - 27/02/2024 22:00)

The geometric figure in the sky Stage that occurs in the period referred to above shows medium-strong transformational and restructuring cosmic energies. This celestial structure is formed when, viewed geocentrically in the local Cosmos, connections take place between five luminaries, planets or other important cosmic factors. The fivefold combination expresses cosmic dynamics and life.

The very form of this cosmic combination represents trapezoid. When the Universe forms a trapezoid in the starry sky, it shows the aspiration of energies to attain a peak in their manifestation.

In this specific case these objects are coming into the following angular sequence: 30°-120°-30°-180° or North Node (¤) i Selena (´) e Lilith (`) i Moon (W) q South Node (¥) w←.

This structure in the Cosmos is occurs relatively rarely in the Universe, and it shows that the Living Intelligent Nature works in a unique way on the destinies of all beings on the face of the Earth.

Since this cosmic shape possesses the quality of symmetry, this shows that the celestial energies have in themselves the potential through which to direct humans and other beings towards the world of the Truth.

In a global sense, The participation of the Moon in more complex cosmic connections means that they will be further enhanced, and the energy of the Universe will be directed also towards the wide public masses.

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