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Type: transforming - Influence: transforming - Level: minor-extremely powerful -

Selena - Venus - South Node - Moon - Pluto - Neptune

GLOBAL FORECAST (17/07/2024 11:00 - 17/07/2024 12:00)

The configuration Heksagram that is triggered in the period described shows extremely powerful transformational and restructuring cosmic energies. This celestial structure is accomplished when, viewed geocentrically in the local Cosmos, connections take place between six luminaries, planets or other important cosmic factors. The sixfold relation between the celestial factors shows an impulse towards perfection expressed by the Cosmos.

The very form of this cosmic combination represents hexagon. The Hexagram configuration, in particular, bears the meaningful name "Solomon's Seal", expressing the magical powers carried by the Universe at that time.

In this case these objects are coming into the following combinations: 60°-60°-60°-60°-60°-60° or Selena (´) t Venus (R) t South Node (¥) t Moon (W) t Pluto (P) t Neptune (O) t←.

The mentioned geometric figure is occurs relatively rarely in the Universe, and it shows that the Wisely Intelligent Powers use this celestial structure in special cases to turn the human civilization into a special and unique direction.

Since this cosmic shape possesses the quality of symmetry, this means that cosmic vibrations carry hidden beauty within and are subject to mastering because they serve the principle of the Truth.

In a global sense, The participation of the Moon in more complex cosmic connections means that they will be further enhanced, and the energy of the Universe will be directed also towards the wide public masses. When Venus engages in cosmic configurations with its energies, this always has a strong influence on women, arts and financial institutions. Neptune's involvement brings a social emphasis on the configuration and even a mystical flavour into the cosmic situation; however, often Neptune enhances the influence of the Cosmos on water elements and vehement forces, and all phenomena associated with them. Pluto shows some of the most complex, secretive and somewhat destructive and dangerous energies in human society. It often triggers large-scale energy issues and also everything related to radiation and major devastating vehement mighty forces.

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