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Type: Creative - Influence: creative - Level: major-very weak -

Eris/Lilith/Mars - Venus - Moon

GLOBAL FORECAST (16/09/2020 20:00 - 17/09/2020 04:00)

The structure of aspects in the solar system Mib-left, that happens in the period described in the title, shows very weak creative cosmic energies. This shape in the astral world manifests, when looked from Earth in the solar system combine five luminaries, planets or other important cosmic factors. The fivefold combination expresses cosmic dynamics and life.

The form of this space composition is triangle. This threefold relationship between cosmic factors is much stronger than the normal aspect in astrology.

In this celestial event the connections between these planets have following combinations: 108°-36°-144° or Eris (µ) q Lilith (`) q Mars (T) å Venus (R) ä Moon (W) ]←.

Mentioned geometric figure is happening relatively rarely in the universe, and it shows that Living Intelligent Nature works in a unique way on the fates of all beings on the face of the Earth.

As this celestial shape has asymmetry, it can be said, that the available astral energy is not very organized and for this reason, more conscious efforts will have to be applied so that man can master it properly.

In a global sense, The participation of the Moon in more complex cosmic connections means that they will be further enhanced and the energy of the Universe will also be directed to the broad folk masses. When Venus engages in cosmic configurations with its energies, this always has a strong influence on women, the arts and financial institutions. The presence of Mars energy in a cosmic figure is most often a sign of dangerous, military, destructive processes unfortunately, and at best a sign of the manifestation of masculinity in the world.

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