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Type: transforming - Influence: transforming - Level: minor-weak -

Mars - Selena/South Node - Sun/Ceres/Venus/Eris

GLOBAL FORECAST (05/04/2021 22:00 - 08/04/2021 21:00)

The geometric figure in the sky Plumb-left that occurs in the period referred to above shows weak transformational and restructuring cosmic energies. This celestial structure manifests itself when, viewed geocentrically in the local Cosmos, connections are formed between seven luminaries, planets or other important cosmic factors. The seven-beam combination of cosmic energies is a sign of a powerful concentration of the Spiritual World in support of man.

The very form of this cosmic combination represents triangle. This threefold relation between cosmic factors is much stronger than the normal aspect in Astrology.

In this celestial event between the planets there is the following combinations: 180°-120°-60° or Mars (T) w Selena (´) q South Node (¥) e Sun (Q) q Ceres (C) q Venus (R) q Eris (µ) t←.

This structure in the Cosmos is occurs relatively frequently in the Universe, and it shows that the Spiritual World chooses this form regularly to bring its ideas among us – humans.

Since this configuration possesses the quality of asymmetry, it becomes clear that the celestial energies are not so intense by their nature, and one can more easily master and transform them to his/her advantage.

In a global sense, The inclusion of the Sun means that the cosmic processes are directing their energies towards the leaders of society and political leaders. When Venus engages in cosmic configurations with its energies, this always has a strong influence on women, arts and financial institutions. The presence of Mars energy in a cosmic figure is most often a sign of dangerous, military, destructive processes, unfortunately, and even in the best case, it is a sign of the manifestation of the masculine principle in the world.

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