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For the second time in Europe, a General European Conference on Astrology will be held, inspired by the evolution of Ancient Astrology to Higher Modern Astrology. The aim of the conference is to create a scientific environment for all serious researchers of the most ancient science - Astrology, and the motto of the conference is: European astrological schools and traditions work together for the future of stellar science, firmly grounded in ancient and classical astrology.

Second European Conference on Astrology, 6-8.11.2020, Vienna, Austria


TITLE: "The Sources of Classical Astrology and the Fundamentals of Ancient Astrology"


TYPE OF CONFERENCE: Free internet conference with free access after registration through Zoom software. The organizers chose this type of conference because of the complex situation in the world.


EXPLANATION FOR REGISTRATION: Zoom Software is one of the world's leading providers of high-security Internet communications and conferences. After clicking on the registration link, a registration form will open, where the required fields are entered: names, email, phone, city and country, which are necessary for a user to get free access to the conference. Optional fields for Facebook account and Skype have been added in order for users to have direct information about new events and conferences in the future. Therefore, at least fill in your FB address. After pressing the red registration button, a special page will open, which will give you additional information and a link to access the conference. When you click on this special link, you will download the official installer of the Zoom program, which comes with a unique file name, in which name is embedded information about your account. Install it and you will now have the opportunity on November 6 at 10:00 Vienna time to have access to the three-day conference, which has 12 active hours every day, 4-6 lectures of 90 minutes and after each lecture - 30 minutes for questions to the speakers. It is important to keep this access link, or the page itself, or the link in the registration confirmation email, because this link will give you access to watch the conference on 6, 7 and 8 November 2020.

The aim of the Second Pan-European Conference is to create a scientific environment for all serious researchers of the most ancient science - Astrology.

Motto: European astrological schools and traditions work together for the future of stellar science, firmly grounded in ancient and classical astrology.

Organizers: Austrian and Bulgarian astrological schools - Brigitte Strobele, Filip Filipov, Wolfgang Tomsits.

The conference is suitable for non-specialists in the field of astrology. The official languages ​​of the conference are English, German, Bulgarian.

Astrological schools from the following European countries participate: Austria, Bulgaria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Hungary, Turkey, and the scientist with the highest scientific status - William Keepin, PhD is from Canada.

Lecturers who participate with lectures:

• William Keepin, PhD is a mathematical physicist turned esotericist, with a 30-year background in archetypal cosmology and astrology.  He has combined David Bohm’s ontological interpretation of quantum physics with holographic fractal mathematics and transpersonal psychology to develop a plausible model for how astrology works.

• Brigitte Strobele is the President of Europe's oldest organization operating in Vienna, Austria.

• Wolfgang Tomsits is a distinguished Viennese astrologer with special knowledge of ancient and classical astrology.

• Dieter Koch is an expert in ancient languages (Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, Akkadian, Sumerian) with a special focus on astral mythology and archaeoastronomy. He works as a software developer at and programmed the Swiss Ephemeris, the centrepiece of many astrological softwares.

• Brigitte Hueber holds a magister degree in Astrology and Psychology in Austrian University.

• Öner Döşer is the founder of AstroArt School of Astrology, having more than 1300 students so far; School of Astrology Publishing that has published 30 books; and Astrology Television on internet, is an astrology consultant, author and lecturer with more than 50.000 followers in social media. He is leading The Project on Researches and Introduction of Astrological Texts in Ottoman Era under the roof of AstroArt School of Astrology.

• Denis Labouré is a French astrologer with university astrology lectures with theological thesis about “astrology and theology in the Pierre d’Ailly works”. This thesis is now an official course in the Dominican University.

• László Levente from Hungary is a scientist, classical philologist and astrologer. He is working on the translation of ancient Greek astrological texts from a critical level to restore the ancient tradition, interested in the mysterious origins of horary astrology and the prognostic techniques of ancient astrologers.

• Oscar Hofman is a classical astrologer specializing in medical astrology.

• Filip Filipov is an astrologer, a physicist with a master's degree in philosophy of consciousness, who has become known for his accurate global forecasts for a number of events around the world, made on the national TV broadcast and he is the creator of innovative 3D astrological software. He developed the physical foundation of Astrology based on the fractal vision of the universe and organized the First Pan-European Conference, held in Varna, Bulgaria in November 2019.

• Rumen Kolev is a world-renowned astrologer who translates and publishes unpublished astrological books, he has worked on the translation of the oldest astrology book - the Sumerian Astrolab, and he has developed the unique astrology software Placidus for ancient astrology.

• Dimitar Kozhuharov is an astrologer with a main focus of interests is in the area of the classical astrological prognostic techniques.


Official program of the conference (Vienna time):


10:00, Opening of the Conference in Zoom software - waiting for all participants to enter the conference.

11:00, Introductory Words from the Organizers, Filip Filipov, Bulgarian School of Astrology

11:30, Introductory Words from the Organizers, Brigitte Strobele, Austrian Astrological Society

12:00, Fractal Cosmology and the Scientific Meaning of Astrology, Filip Filipov, Bulgaria

13:30, Question

14:00, Pandemics as Reflected in the Annual Ingression and Solar Eclipses. How Do Ancient Methods Prove Themselves with Modern Aids? A Report on the Investigations from 1918 to 2020, Wolfgang Tomsits, Austria

15:00, Question

16:00, Astrology and the New Physics: a Fractal Holographic Model of Astrology, Wiliam Keepin, Canada

17:30, Question

18:00, Cosmology and Astrology in the Sufi’s Tradition, Oner Doser, Turkey

19:00, Question




10:00, The Three-Dimensional Horoscope in Ancient, Medieval and Modern Astrology. Presentation of the Three-Dimensional Astrological Software for Interpretation and Forecast -, Filip Filipov, Bulgaria

11:30, Question

12:00, Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine Astrology in Greek: Uncharted Territories, László Levente, Hungary

13:30, Question

14:00, The Practice of Classical Medical Astrology, Oscar Hofman, Netherlands

15:30, Question

16:00, The Coronation of the Persian King Chosrau I Anuschirwan - the Only One Survived Horoscope from the Time of the Sassanids, Dimitar Koguharov, Bulgaria

17:30, Question

18:00, The Origin of the Exaltations - Solving the Mystery. The Babylonian Horoscope of Erdogan- Analysis and Prognosis, Rumen Kolev, Bulgaria

19:30, Question

19:45, The Astrological Computer Program Placidus - a Key for the Ancient Astrology and the Babylonian Astrology - Heliacal Phases, Three-dimensional Astrology and Primary Directions, Rumen Kolev, Bulgaria




12:00     The Classical Antiscia in Astrology, Brigitte Strobele, Austria

13:30, Question

14:00     Inanna's Descent to the Netherworld, Dieter Koch, Switzerland

15:30, Question

16:00     Attempt to Analyze a Stock Price Astrologically and Perhaps Forecast It, Brigitte Hueber, Austria

17:30, Question

18:00     Essential and Accidental according to Morin de Villefranche, Denis Laboure, France

19:30, Question

20:00, Closing of the Conference and Announcement of the Тhird European Astrology Conference - Live in Vienna - 5-7.11.2021


The conference is free and with open access after registration, with a few thousand seats, but still limited and for this purpose, it is good to register on time, not at the last minute.

The organizers of the event reserve the right to change the program of the conference or to add important details.

Participate in this World Astrological Event to get in touch with the sources of Ancient Astrology and the Higher Modern Astrology of the most important Astrological Schools in Europe.

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