About Filip Filipov

He graduates from Dr. P. Beron High School of Mathematics – Varna; obtains a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Chemistry in 2001, and in 2007 defends a master’s degree in Philosophy of Consciousness and Language at St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University.

Filip Filipov publishes one of the first course books on scientific Astrology in post-communist Bulgaria: ”Astrology from A to Z” (ISBN 9547996959, Varna, 1996). In this book, in addition to giving the philosophical and scientific foundations of Astrology, for the first time in Bulgaria, all the necessary methods, tables and formulas for direct and independent calculations and building a horoscope (only with a pen, a sheet of paper and a calculator) are published. The book briefly presents the PRIMARY DIRECTIONS prediction method, which the author of this book studied at lectures by Rumen Kolev in 1992. In the period from 1992 to 1996, Filip Filipov creates the SIRIUS astrological software product, including the so-called THREE-DIMENSIONAL MODEL OF THE HOROSCOPE – innovative astrological methodology worldwide; systematic analysis of the horoscope; interpretation of the horoscope according to the method originally created by him, called ASTROLOGICAL KEY SENTENCE, and prediction through PRIMARY DIRECTIONS to the Placidus Houses and INTERPLANETARY PRIMARY DIRECTIONS by the method he created, called MUNDO-MERIDIAN PRIMARY DIRECTIONS. In the same period he, as a programmer, assists Rumen Kolev in the powerful astrological program named PLACIDUS created by him, especially in the creation of the three-dimensional and geographical visualization of the horoscope. He is also one of the founders of the Bulgarian Astrological Association.

Since 1999, Filip Filipov has been developing commercials for conferences and symposia of the leading American pharmaceutical company Wyiеth in Varna, Sevlievo and Sofia, and at the same time developing multimedia products and Internet sites. He published, together with Dimitar Kalev, a poet from Varna, the first Bulgarian multimedia collection of poems entitled “Triad”. In the spring of 2007, he presented the Bulgarian millennial Spiritual Tradition at the pan-European conference “The Soul of Europe” in Budapest.

He lectures in Vienna and Paris in the field of Theoretical and Scientific Foundations of Astrology, Astrological Models of the THREE-DIMENSIONAL HOROSCOPE and PRIMARY DIRECTIONS, and Esoteric Astrology.

Filip Filipov participates in the publishing projects of Zahariy Stoyanov Publishing House. He published the book “The Bodhisattva in the 20th Century. Seeking the Word of Bodhisattva Maitreya: the 20th Century Grail”, co-authored with Dimitar Kalev and Preslav Pavlov (ISBN 978-954-737-655-7, Varna, 2007).

In the period 2011–2012, he successfully predicted publicly on TV7, in Sofia Tzavella’s TV show “The New Files”, the tragic events of 18 July 2012 in Burgas approximately a month earlier. In the Astrology Facebook group where he is the administrator, he managed to predict the processes in Fukushima a few days earlier, and he also predicted, with a precision of 1 day difference, a series of seismic events: the earthquake in Pernik and Italy (21 – 22 May 2012), the seismically active period throughout November 2012, and the earthquake near the coast of Varna city, and also the powerful earthquake in Japan in early December 2012, moreover – months earlier, through his original methodology for prediction and assessment of seismic hazard. His predictions regarding the series of threats to political leaders in the end of September and December 2012 are also successful, as well as a series of dangerous catastrophic and harmonious periods in 2013. His latest accurate TV predictions, announced months before the real events, are regarding the start of hostilities in Ukraine, the problems with the aviation industry in the spring of 2014, the problems in the financial processes in Bulgaria and worldwide, and the revolutionary discoveries in physics in the summer of 2014.

In November 2019, together with the Austrian Astrological Organization (which is the oldest in Europe), he organized the First European Conference on Astrology, dedicated to the Philosophy of Astrology, the Scientific Meaning and Methodology of Astrology, and the restoration of the authentic ancient methods of Astrology in contemporary conditions using the most powerful modern software and scientific developments.

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