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A year awaits us with religious cataclysms, political problems and trials before those in power around the world

Filip Filipov's prognosis for 2014

Astrologer Filip Filipov, who predicted the earthquake in Pernik and the attack in Sarafovo , is a guest in "Question of Perspective" with an astrological forecast for 2014 worldwide and specifically for Bulgaria .

For a long period of time on a series of several dates between February 11 and March 30, there is a rather strange stellar configuration, which shows a crisis situation, said Filipov. According to him, there is a danger of a crisis in the country due to influence from abroad, especially on financial issues.

There will be serious meteorological problems in the whole country. At the end of April there is a solar eclipse and Bulgaria may get a positive result from strange and not very favorable events, Filipov noted.

Globally, a year of religious upheavals, political problems and trials awaits us . However, it will not be as negatively charged as the upcoming 2013

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