Prognosis for Bulgaria in 2019?

What do the stars predict for Bulgaria in 2019 - should we be afraid of natural disasters and political upheavals - the forecast of astrologer Filip Filipov.


What do the stars predict for the upcoming 2019?

What can be seen in the star picture for 2019 is clear and harmonious. Combinations of certain interplanetary cosmic relationships are seen. Some of them happen once a millennium.


Events according to prognoses of Filip Filipov

His prediction of a militarily tense 2014 is coming true


Filip Filipov's prognosis for 2014

A year awaits us with religious cataclysms, political problems and trials before those in power around the world


Astrology - a wink to the future

What is the truth about the secrets that the stars hide, revealed the astrologer Filip Filipov



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