Methodology of Astrology – a Key to Self-Knowledge

Astrology, as part of Divine Wisdom, contains in itself specific light that has the power to awaken the human consciousness. Astrology makes it possible to analyze the positive and the negative traits in the human character and to discover their root causes.

How does Astrology help for the uplifting of the human soul?
The first, basic step towards the uplifting of the soul is the awakening within the consciousness of the idea of improving towards perfection, i.e. it is necessary that humans in general wish for the uplifting and liberation of the soul from all the dregs and impurities of the past.

The second step is to become aware of the truth about the current situation and to understand in depth all the positive and negative qualities embedded in the horoscope. This is where the power of Astrology manifests itself, making it possible, on a large scale and in detail, to grasp a large part of human qualities not only statically, as a given fact, but also in dynamics. Or, through Astrology, events occurring in life and their causes can be observed.

The third, most important step is the conscious work on oneself in order to strengthen one’s positive qualities and weaken the negative ones, i.e. purifying and raising the horoscope to a higher level. Here it must be clearly realized that the conditions outside are directly dependent on the worldview, character and value system of the very person – one’s inner world. Once the inner conditions change, so will the outer ones.

Conscious and intense work on the ennoblement of one’s character represents actually the powerful activity of Christ’s Spirit within the depths of the soul. His goal is to save all fallen minds, so that not a single soul remains in the bondage of darkness. Therefore, the more consciously we work on purification from flaws and vices, the more our Spirit is in union with Christ. That is why Astrology, as a science, is so important. It allows observing the processes of life as on a dynamic chart, through which the efforts aimed at improving one’s character towards perfection increase many times their own efficiency and effectiveness.

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