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Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -

A powerful and dangerous solar eclipse

THERE IS A POWERFUL EXCRIPTION THAT IS A MESSAGE FROM GOD TO ALL MANKIND: On 2.04 I made a special video where I explain that there is more than just a solar eclipse happening in April - there are a total of 4 eclipses in 3 days, with a comet and several super coincidences. Along with this, significant events are taking place on a global scale. 3 of the 4 eclipses have already occurred and many people have felt serious and extreme emotions, problematic health processes and complex events in their lives. Tomorrow 8.04 will be a very powerful solar eclipse that may foreshadow major earthquakes in the next two weeks mostly in the Americas. In the video: I have given a detailed analysis of which areas of the Earth are particularly affected and subliminal interpretations of the 4 eclipses. You can check out how the solar eclipse affects you by clicking the button at the end of the article.

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


A rather serious lunar eclipse is coming on 25.03, which will affect all of Western Europe and the countries beyond the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the entire Pacific Ocean, and it will not be observed from Bulgaria. However, it is dangerous for the Balkans, because a total of 4 dangerous lines pass through Bulgaria and neighboring countries, which indicate major changes in the political plan, danger of aviation, industrial, energy-transmission accidents, as well as serious seismic danger. On the map I have tried to visualize the lines, as where the lines cross there is a more serious risk. I would rate all of the topics mentioned a CODE ORANGE risk.

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


On 5.05 a lunar eclipse is realized from the penumbra of the Earth, the Moon while participating in the eclipse rises for the territory of Bulgaria and very close to the maximum phase of the phenomenon. This eclipse has a seriously dangerous impact even though the Moon passes only through the penumbra of the Earth. This is because the astrological projection lines pass through the Balkans and in particular through the active zone of seismic activity in southwestern Romania, then along a line connecting Nis and Pristina, passing too close to western Bulgaria, and then through S. Macedonia and Albania.

Although the untrained eye will not notice the eclipse against the bright image of the Full Moon, it will be visible from Bulgaria, and along with it Bulgaria is affected by the line of the planet Uranus, which passes close to Silistra, Stara Zagora, Haskovo and Momchilgrad, this line having at least a 50 to 100 km range of influence around it. From this point of view, Western Bulgaria and Sofia also fall under the influence of the main astrological line of the lunar eclipse.

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -

Jupiter and Solar Eclipse on 19-20.04.2022

A Hybrid Solar Eclipse occurs on 20.04, which is overtaken by a Jupiter Eclipse from the Moon on 19.04. The solar eclipse will not be visible from Bulgaria, but has a rather strong seismic impact on Earth due to the combination of the two eclipses in a very short period of time. This eclipse will be visible from the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, Australia and Indonesia, however, it will also have a strong impact on the Atlantic Ocean with upwelling forces, but on Asia Minor and Southern Europe it will have a straining effect, which is not good at all for Turkey, Greece and unfortunately also the Balkan countries. Regarding Indonesia and the Philippines, Japan and New Zealand there is a CODE RED, as well as Turkey and Greece, and for the whole Balkan Peninsula there is a CODE ORANGE regarding the period of 17-23.04, then 27.04 and 12.05+-1-2 days, and of course during the Lunar Eclipse of 5.05+-2-3 days. When the seismic hazard map is reviewed more carefully it is seen that the Caribbean Gulf and South America between 70 and 60 West Meridian; 32, 66, 116 and 134 +-2 degrees East Meridian are directly affected...

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


One of the rarest Super Eclipses occurs on November 8. During a lunar eclipse, the eclipsed Moon hides the planet Uranus. Such double eclipses occur 1-2 times per century. This sign will be visible over Beijing, Tokyo, and Seoul, but applies to the entire world. According to ancient astrologers, double eclipses bring great dangers. There is a risk to aviation, electrical systems, personal computers, the internet, as well as military, hacking, terrorist and social dangers.

On the other hand, a dangerous right triangle has been in effect since early November, and will be at its maximum power on the day of the lunar eclipse. The tense cosmic figure is particularly strong because a total of 8 cosmic factors are involved: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Saturn, Uranus and the two lunar nodes. This indicates that the month begins with a major intensification of the military confrontation between the USA and Russia on the territory of Ukraine, from which millions of people across Europe are suffering. The figure shows that there is a tendency towards a complete blockage of the energy structure of Ukraine, but along with this there is a very serious danger of plane crashes all over the world, major problems and incidents in the sky, cosmic threats (Solar and Magnetic storms, asteroid danger, UFO phenomena), electrical large scale incidents, leaving hundreds of thousands or even millions of people without power, hacking attacks could reach unprecedented proportions, blockages or deliberate disruption of the internet and energy grid (electric, gas, oil) are extremely likely, terrorist actions, mass shootings and major public incidents could realize new levels of chaos. Therefore, it is best to avoid mass gatherings and large congregations of people.

Such cosmic events are extremely serious because they also indicate critical spiritual processes. There is an opportunity for new steps to be realized in the Apocalypse process now underway. There is a high probability that around the Double Super Eclipse new ideas of the dark globalists will be announced for the creation of a Global Government or some well disguised with good words impure deeds that will aim at the loss of people's freedoms, for example in a climatic, financial, political, religious or common human sense...

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


On 25.10 в 13:48 BG Time there is a partial solar eclipse taking place in which the planet Venus is heavily involved, not only is she still days after her New Venus when her new cycle is conceived, but along with this the planet of Love also has an eclipse hours after the solar eclipse, and while the solar eclipse is visible to Europe and Asia, Venus' eclipse of the lunar disk is not visible to the naked eye, but is projected over vast areas of the Earth. Things are made even stranger by the fact that the day before these two eclipses the Moon also eclipses visible Mercury, which is preparing to set in the Sun's rays on 28.10. This Mercurial eclipse will be highly visible at the rising of visible Mercury in North America and thus the planet of Intelligence, Communication, Business and the Exchanges is pre-eclipsed at its rising over one of the most financially and stock market active places on the planet. Added to all this is the fact that Saturn is stationary, and the day after the eclipses of the Sun and Venus, Mars also becomes stationary. Thus, within 3 days, almost the entire solar system realizes extremely strange signs, where 4 of the 7 planets visible to the naked eye participate in eclipses, and another two of the 7 become stationary, with the 7th planet, Jupiter, again in a strange position - retrograde, and in a situation of great closeness to Earth. Practically all planets show some kind of blockages on a global level, the eclipses of Venus and Mercury were observed in ancient times and there are preserved omens that they led to the collapse of the economy of the then countries, and this in modern language means a tendency towards a great collapse of the stock exchanges, the beginning of a global recession and a very complex situation that is connected with the disruption of communications and normal living conditions...

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


On 23.10 at 00:17 BG time Venus coincides with the Sun and thus realizes the conception of her new cycle. This is the so-called New Venus phase, which is analogous to the New Moon. In this phase of Venus, it is extremely important that people who are under the strong influence of Venus - people of art, beauty and goodness, women who want to realize at a high level their archetype - Love, as well as people who were born under the influence and rule of Venus, make a special meditation for the realization in their lives of the highest qualities and virtues of Venus. This meditation should be secret without saying or spelling out any things as one mostly visualizes what one wants to achieve in the stillness and peace of one's mind. This moment is key for lovers or for people who long to realize love but have not yet achieved it, for when Venus is North conjunct the Sun near the star Spica (the brightest star of the constellation of the Angelic Hierarchies, Virgo), human souls who long to experience love in a pure and noble way will receive special support from the Angelic World.

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


From 21.10 until the end of the month two dangerous figures will be at work simultaneously - the Rectangular Triangle between Pluto, Eris, Lilith, to which is added the influence of the problematic figure Ax from Pluto, Eris and Ceres. These two complementary figures indicate serious levels of danger to humanity due to global conspiracy(Eris) and political mafia(Pluto). In the first figure, there is also the interference of the negative karma point Lilith, indicating that the dark's drive is to intensify humanity's destructive karma by any means necessary...

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


Many people have heard of Mercury retrograde, but very few know that planets also have a STATIONARY PHASE that is much more important than retrograde. From 19 to 27.10 Saturn is STATIONARY and this strongly influences people's lives and world events. The planet Saturn is one of the most powerful planets in the solar system, which rules the following themes in life: wisdom, fulfilling our mission in life, destiny, karma, value system, philosophical and scientific vision, construction and mining activities, elders, scientists, monks, the socially weak, old people, philosophical thought and scientific development of man and nations, boundaries and structures of countries. On all these subjects there may be sudden and surprising changes, strange manoeuvres, a temporary halt to find a new direction, or a brief calm before a storm...

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


Relatively recently, the planet Eris has become part of the solar system family and thus it has also entered the astrological life of humanity and the individual. When a planet is first discovered we experience an expansion of our horizons and the inclusion of new energies and processes in our Star Charts. Eris is a special planet that is associated with the sister goddess of Mars who was neglected at a feast of the gods. She decided to take revenge by creating a golden apple to toss secretly at the gathering of the gods, with the apple inscribed "to the most beautiful" and on the other side, "to the wisest". The goddesses Hera, Aphrodite and Athena began to argue about which of them the Golden Apple was. The Trojan War arose out of this dispute through Paris' decision of which goddess to give the Golden Apple to - the one who would give him the most beautiful woman for a beloved, or the one who would give him kingship, or the one who would make him a great and wise warrior. It is clear from this parable that Eris does not merely create intrigue, but she is connected to those events coming into the human world to express karmic processes that are not comfortable or pleasant. She brings those things that are forgotten, and should not be forgotten. It is a reminder that every single being and archetypal principle of the universe must be honored, and whenever this honoring is not present a serious problem arises that can even lead to the ignition of the outer or inner world by a horrific war. It is at this time, when Eris is involved in a Grand Square with Pluto, the Sun, Venus and Lilith, that her influences come into our lives to remind us of what has been forgotten by humanity and the individual. People and nations have become caught up in monotonous experiences and so have fallen asleep in an illusory reality, forgetting their primal Divine nature. This sleep must end. And it will come to an end through a wise awakening and a liberation of the mind from illusions or through serious trials that are not at all pleasant. The choice is in the hands of each one of us.

Right now, as the Venus-New Venus phase is about to begin on 10/22, when Venus is conjunct the Sun to conceive a new Venus cycle, and just 3 days before the partial solar eclipse on 10/25, the opposition of the Sun and Venus conjunction to Eris, which is at 24 degrees tropical Aries, is taking place, and while Pluto is completing this opposition to a right triangle - Tau Square. It is at such times that people can quite distinctly experience the influences of Eris as if in terms all too similar to the very parable describing the actions of Mars' sister. This opposition of Eris to Venus taking place literally in the last days before the conception of a new Venusian cycle is all too reminiscent of Eris' quiet provocation of three manifestations of the feminine archetype: the goddess Hera, the woman of power and control, the goddess Aphrodite, the woman of beauty and love, and the goddess Athena, the woman of wisdom and war. Pluto's intervention is alone to focus and strengthen Eris' influence by creating a large-scale realization of her conspiracy and unleashing her influences on a planetary level. Relative to the individual and his horoscope, this Rectangular Triangle or Grand Square falls in certain houses of the horoscope or affects specific planets. In such a case, one can experience precisely on the themes of these houses and planets the strong influence of Eris. This is a very important experience that comes to man to show him what not to forget and where to be awake and aware.

If you want to check where these intense energies fall in your horoscope, use this link: and especially in the period 15-20.10 be more careful and wise towards the houses that are affected by the complex configuration described above.

Study Astrology consciously to earn the name Human in the face of the Universe.

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


In the period 14-16.10 a series of strong positive and negative configurations are realized in the sky simultaneously. This creates a turbulent situation in the Astral world that intensely affects people personally and processes in the world. On October 14 to 15, the Moon and Mars coincide by participating in two positive, one negative strong configurations as well as in a square with Neptune. The Moon-Mars coincidence itself is quite problematic because it activates aggressive, destructive, criminal, military and accident processes especially related to the water element or any medical problems, which influences are fortunately partially mitigated and dominated by positive processes due to the fact that the coincidence participates in one of the most powerful positive configurations - the Grand Trigon with Saturn and the Sun's coincidence with Venus.

This positive celestial figure creates intense love experiences, good routines and successes in partnership, kindling love passions and experiencing spiritual or psychological growth in love. Since the Moon-Mars conjunction and the Sun-Venus conjunction participate in a trapezoidal transformative figure along with Neptune and Pluto, there are mitigating processes that reduce the destructive influence of the Mars-Moon conjunction. This astrological trapezium has alchemical tendencies because it helps people overcome some problems through conscious psychological action at crucial life moments. Along with this, however, the Great Square between Pluto, Eris, Lilith, and the Sun with Venus is also at work in the sky, and this square creates conspiracies and intrigues in people's personal lives, as well as great geopolitical tensions along the lines of active war. These conflict processes are further reinforced by the re-formed Arrow figure between the Moon's conjunction with Mars, Jupiter and the Moon's Nodes, which figure indicates that there is an extremely dangerous karmic situation that could create chaos in both people's personal lives and the present of all humanity.

Fortunately, we are not voiceless letters in these processes and we can influence the Cosmos, not just it influencing us. Through our conscious efforts for harmonization and positive change in our personal lives, through Collective Prayer for Peace among the Nations, and through the manifestation of the Virtues in our daily lives, we rational human souls create miniature centers of the Good which, when interconnected through the sense of Collective Consciousness and Collective Action, become much more powerful and form a protective field of Christ's Vision around ourselves, our loved ones, our nation, and the entire Planet. In this way we can participate on the side of Good in the raging cosmic processes reverberating in the depths of the Solar System and our Spiritual life.

If you want to check specifically against your personal horoscope what the situation is against the four configurations described, you can access the following links:
and use the buttons at the end of the articles to check specifically what the situation is in relation to your personal star chart.

Don't forget to also check the charts of health, risk, occupation, love and partner relationships at the link: and if there are lows and long lasting lows below zero on the charts in the periods described above - this indicates that you need to beware of the particular topic you are exploring in the periods described. Correspondingly, if there are maxima and long lasting plateaus above zero on the charts - this is a good sign and you should use it for harmonization on the themes of life depicted on the charts.

If you want to have a longer term predictive perspective, log on to the link: and see which are the upcoming very strong astrological configurations, log on to the pages dedicated to them and via the button at the end of the given article explore the influence of a particular celestial figure relative to your personal star chart. At this link you can access dozens of celestial figures in the coming days, and it's a convenience for people who want to have a longer-term perspective for themselves and their loved ones.

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The Christ Forces in the Spirit World seek the assistance of conscious rational human souls!

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


In the period 13-23.10 in the sky will be present a right-angled triangle formed by the Sun coinciding with Venus, Pluto and Eris. This figure will be especially strong in the period 16-18.10 when the triangle is completed to a Grand Square involving Lilith and the Moon. This cosmic tension indicates new levels of danger for humanity due to global conspiracy and political mafia. Against the Solar Forces of Life(Sun) and Love(Venus) stand deliberately created chaos(Eris) and the collusion of dark politicians(Pluto). This can manifest in a new escalation of military tensions and the danger of nuclear accidents, but it can also be realized as an extreme danger to a political leader and his cronies.

On a personal level, this celestial figure poses a danger to health, partner relationships and professional commitments. Conflict situations due to conspiracy and deliberately planned intrigues are possible. One does not see the point of getting involved in messes created by someone else, nor of entering as a sacrificial animal into deliberately created traps. Love relationships and partnership life should be kept free from scandals and tensions. As all of the above applies especially strongly to people who are directly affected by the two heavenly figures described...

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


In the period 11-15.10, a Grand Trine is realized in the sky between the Sun's conjunction with the planet of Love - Venus, Saturn - the ruler of karma, which will soon come out of retrograde, and Mars, which is preparing for retrograde. This shows that globally there will be a chance for military processes to moderate if humanity regulates the ego strength of political leaders. If this conscious action of the peoples does not materialize and manifest itself as mass-scale protests and spiritual efforts against the war, this trine will add more fuel to the military conflict. The climax will be on the 14-15.10+-1 day, when the Moon will maximize this celestial configuration and conjunct Mars and Neptune, indicating a possible serious naval attack or a major water disaster or incident, as well as a possible severe storm affecting coastal regions.
On a personal level, this combination brings positive support to all intelligent souls who want to overcome old conflicts through the forces of Goodness and Love. This heavenly figure helps in the love and partnership plan especially to the people who fall under its direct influence. Love can flare powerfully and unexpectedly because of old and deep connections between souls. This is not war, but supreme harmony.
If you want to check how this good Grand Trine figure affects you, go to the link: and see the influence for yourself according to your birth chart...

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


On 16.05 at 7:20 a.m. Bulgarian time, a Total Lunar Eclipse is realized, which fortunately is only partially visible from the territory of Bulgaria. It is noteworthy that this eclipse occurs together with a strong Tau square configuration involving Saturn...

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -

Solar eclipse on 30.04.2022

On 30.04.2022 a partial solar eclipse takes place, followed by an eclipse of Uranus by the Moon. The partial solar eclipse affects South America and Siberia, the Uranian eclipse affects the European Union, Moldova, China and the countries of Central America and the area around Boston and Quebec. The solar eclipse is likely to cause earthquakes along the west coast of South America, with the Balkans color-coded...

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -

Solar eclipse on 10.06.2021

DANGEROUS SOLAR ECLIPSE: On June 10, an annular solar eclipse occurs, visible from the North Pole, North America and Asia. This eclipse occurs against the background of the Milky Way, which crosses the Zodiac between the Cosmic Bull and Gemini, right between the Horns of the Celestial Bull...

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


In the period 20-27.04.2021 the sacred birth of Venus in the phase of Aphrodite will take place. It will rise quietly and gently after sunset on the western horizon on April 21, 2021 and the actual observation of Venus will show the exact moment and its mood in its new cycle.

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


An extremely powerful and rare cosmic configuration of transformational order is realized in space. Six cosmic factors: Mercury, Mars, Ceres, Saturn and Uranus form a pyramidal structure of stepped order, which focuses extremely strong planetary energies on the daily lives of people and global processes in the human world.

Type: Yearly - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


SPRING EQUINOX : On 20.03 at 09:37 GMT the Sun enters the Northern Hemisphere and the Day is exactly equal to the Night

Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


We are entering the period 11-15.03.2021, when the planet of human love - Venus combines in space with the planet of Cosmic Love - Neptune and in coincidence with the New Moon on 13.03 at 10:21 GMT.

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