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Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -

A powerful and dangerous solar eclipse

THERE IS A POWERFUL EXCRIPTION THAT IS A MESSAGE FROM GOD TO ALL MANKIND: On 2.04 I made a special video where I explain that there is more than just a solar eclipse happening in April - there are a total of 4 eclipses in 3 days, with a comet and several super coincidences. Along with this, significant events are taking place on a global scale. 3 of the 4 eclipses have already occurred and many people have felt serious and extreme emotions, problematic health processes and complex events in their lives. Tomorrow 8.04 will be a very powerful solar eclipse that may foreshadow major earthquakes in the next two weeks mostly in the Americas. In the video: I have given a detailed analysis of which areas of the Earth are particularly affected and subliminal interpretations of the 4 eclipses. You can check out how the solar eclipse affects you by clicking the button at the end of the article.

I recommend that tomorrow at 21:20 BST you make a prayer for the sake of yourself, your loved ones, Bulgaria, neighboring countries and all of humanity and the Earth.

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