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Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


In the period 13-23.10 in the sky will be present a right-angled triangle formed by the Sun coinciding with Venus, Pluto and Eris. This figure will be especially strong in the period 16-18.10 when the triangle is completed to a Grand Square involving Lilith and the Moon. This cosmic tension indicates new levels of danger for humanity due to global conspiracy and political mafia. Against the Solar Forces of Life(Sun) and Love(Venus) stand deliberately created chaos(Eris) and the collusion of dark politicians(Pluto). This can manifest in a new escalation of military tensions and the danger of nuclear accidents, but it can also be realized as an extreme danger to a political leader and his cronies.

On a personal level, this celestial figure poses a danger to health, partner relationships and professional commitments. Conflict situations due to conspiracy and deliberately planned intrigues are possible. One does not see the point of getting involved in messes created by someone else, nor of entering as a sacrificial animal into deliberately created traps. Love relationships and partnership life should be kept free from scandals and tensions. As all of the above applies especially strongly to people who are directly affected by the two heavenly figures described.

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Be sure to also check the charts of health, risk, occupation, love and partner relationships at the link: and if there are lows and long lasting lows below zero on the charts in the periods described above - this indicates that you need to beware of the particular topic you are exploring in the periods described.

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