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Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


On 23.10 at 00:17 BG time Venus coincides with the Sun and thus realizes the conception of her new cycle. This is the so-called New Venus phase, which is analogous to the New Moon. In this phase of Venus, it is extremely important that people who are under the strong influence of Venus - people of art, beauty and goodness, women who want to realize at a high level their archetype - Love, as well as people who were born under the influence and rule of Venus, make a special meditation for the realization in their lives of the highest qualities and virtues of Venus. This meditation should be secret without saying or spelling out any things as one mostly visualizes what one wants to achieve in the stillness and peace of one's mind. This moment is key for lovers or for people who long to realize love but have not yet achieved it, for when Venus is North conjunct the Sun near the star Spica (the brightest star of the constellation of the Angelic Hierarchies, Virgo), human souls who long to experience love in a pure and noble way will receive special support from the Angelic World.

This is because the Northern New Agers have more spiritual qualities, and proximity to the Spica is always a special sign of support from the Spirit World. The conjunction of the Sun and Venus occurs in a degree ruled by Jupiter, with Mercury visible as Morning Star, and this once again indicates that Venus' new cycle will be noble and sublime. Along with this, during the Sun-Venus conjunction the two luminaries the Sun and Moon are in a forming aspect semi-sextile, just before the Moon sets into the Sun's rays prior to the Partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon on 10/25. This indicates that the New Venus Cycle is being conceived in dramatic times, but will still help the Good become stronger in people's lives. The real beginning of the Venus cycle, i.e. its birth, will occur when Venus appears as the First Vespers around 2.12.2022, which means that from 23.10 to 1.12 we will have an Invisible Vespers preparing to realize its birth from the womb of the Spiritual Cosmos...

If you want to check how this good conjunction of an accentuated semi-sextile between Venus, Sun and Moon affects you, log on to this link: and see the influence personally against your birth horoscope. Don't forget to also check the love, partnership and sexuality charts at the link: and if there are highs and long lasting plateaus above zero on the charts by the end of the month - this is a good sign and you should use it for harmonization and good fulfillment on the love and partnership topics of your life.

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