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Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


COSMIC PHASES AND ARCHETYPES: On 31.01.2021 Mercury in its phase as an Evening Star - Hermes was seen for the last time north of the ecliptic. Today, 1.02.2021 Hermes hid in the rays of the setting sun, forming the Blade configuration. In this way, the planet Mercury passes from its Archetypal phase of the god of Intelligence and Knowledge into its invisible phase, entering the secret realms of the underworld.

If you want to see how the sunset on Mercury affects you, go to the link: and use the button at the end of the article to check the effect of this configuration on your overall horoscope, not just on your zodiac sign.

Mercury will be invisible from 1.02 to 27.04.2021, and on 28.04.2021 it will shine again as Hermes - Evening Star to bring Enlightenment of minds, development of Consciousness and Progress in human work.

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