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On 5.05 a lunar eclipse is realized from the penumbra of the Earth, the Moon while participating in the eclipse rises for the territory of Bulgaria and very close to the maximum phase of the phenomenon. This eclipse has a seriously dangerous impact even though the Moon passes only through the penumbra of the Earth. This is because the astrological projection lines pass through the Balkans and in particular through the active zone of seismic activity in southwestern Romania, then along a line connecting Nis and Pristina, passing too close to western Bulgaria, and then through S. Macedonia and Albania.

Although the untrained eye will not notice the eclipse against the bright image of the Full Moon, it will be visible from Bulgaria, and along with it Bulgaria is affected by the line of the planet Uranus, which passes close to Silistra, Stara Zagora, Haskovo and Momchilgrad, this line having at least a 50 to 100 km range of influence around it. From this point of view, Western Bulgaria and Sofia also fall under the influence of the main astrological line of the lunar eclipse.

Because of this situation, I am obliged to give richer information about the eclipse. Not only can it activate seismic activity in the Balkans and Turkey, but also along the meridians: 31+-2 degrees, from 94 to 102, 176+-2 deg. east meridian, and along 3+-2 deg, 79 to 86, 149 deg. W. meridian, as well as along an oblique line connecting South Korea, the Indonesian cities of Masaba, Bontaine and Ruteng, and the Australian city of Perth, with New Zealand and the seismic territories above it very strongly reactivated. The specific meridians and lines described are CODED RED, and I would rate the danger to Bulgaria as CODED ORANGE because the danger lines pass through an active outbreak in Romania - too close to Western Bulgaria and unfortunately through Haskovo where there has been a recent increase in radon gas release. I ask the people of Bulgaria, instead of panicking, to show a spirit of prayer and faith in God, gratitude to the Spirits of the Elements, and along with that to check for strong minimums in the Health and Risk charts in their personal horoscopes and in the horoscopes of their loved ones throughout the first half of May at: . A conscious collective relationship with God and the manifested Love of God for our fellow man and the Living Intelligent Nature can mitigate the dangerous processes that concern our nation.

But along with that, this eclipse will manifest in the direction of aviation danger from crashes and problems at airports, problems with high winds, tornadoes and serious electrical system failures, hacker activity, computer virus problems, mass protests, and strange phenomena in the sky, explosions in the sky, and meteor or missile danger.

Unfortunately, this eclipse has a highly destructive effect along the lines already described above and could provoke serious anarchist, criminal and felonious activity, even reaching to terror activity especially in Western Europe in the cities of Paris, London and Madrid, as well as all over North America, where there are projections of very dangerous destructive processes along both coasts, which will most likely also cause phenomena along the Tornado Storm Path.

Regarding the Balkans, this eclipse is already realizing an attempted assassination of the Attorney General of Bulgaria, and other manifestations of criminal activity are possible, with less likelihood of strong storms or serious rainfall. And concerning the war in Ukraine, this eclipse will again provoke maximum escalation and tension because powerful astral lines are passing through the border areas of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

On a personal note, the general Cosmic situation surrounding this Lunar Eclipse indicates that people should beware of danger, criminal appearances, transportation problems and psychological storms. The eclipse has caused emotional instability in most cases, but it must be contained in order to reasonably understand the Will of God in this stormy situation in the Astral World. The period indicates that people who are under the strong influence of the Eclipse can be freed from health, or serious family, or social problems, but they must maintain self-control and alertness during the period 4-6.05 and for about a week afterwards, and they must check the charts of Health, Risk, Profession, Finances, Partner Relationships at: . Don't forget that in the Account Menu in the software: there is now an option in one account to enter the data of all your loved ones and follow the processes in their horoscopes. This needs to be done during this period when the lunar eclipse is particularly active in the first half of the month. You can also check how you are specifically affected by the lunar eclipse itself with the check button against you and each of your loved ones individually by loading their personal horoscopes and checking with the button at the end of the article.

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