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Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


A rather serious lunar eclipse is coming on 25.03, which will affect all of Western Europe and the countries beyond the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the entire Pacific Ocean, and it will not be observed from Bulgaria. However, it is dangerous for the Balkans, because a total of 4 dangerous lines pass through Bulgaria and neighboring countries, which indicate major changes in the political plan, danger of aviation, industrial, energy-transmission accidents, as well as serious seismic danger. On the map I have tried to visualize the lines, as where the lines cross there is a more serious risk. I would rate all of the topics mentioned a CODE ORANGE risk.

To check the risk for yourself, use the link at the end of the article. Don't forget to also check the charts of health, risk, profession and partner relationships at the link: and if there are lows and long-lasting lows below zero on the charts in the above periods - this indicates that you should to beware of the given topic you are researching in the periods described. Check what's going on with the horoscopes of your near and dear ones too, by adding their horoscopes to your accounts. It is enough to select one horoscope and switch to it from the menu 'Account', page 'Astro Profiles'. PLEASE do all important things on normal computers and laptops, because phones are not convenient for serious work and analysis of critical information.

The universe helps us by giving us big and strong signs - we just have to watch and think!

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