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Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -

Hidden problems and confrontation between the new and the old in life

DANGEROUS SPACE PERIOD - BE A LITTLE MORE CAREFUL: In the period 8-10.03.2021 in space the figure Boomerang is formed between the Sun, the Moon, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. This shows some secrets and hidden problems in the confrontation between the new and the old in people's lives. There may be some life, social or professional difficulties in people's personal lives and this may lead to internal tensions from the disorder. Conflict is heightened and the reasonable person escapes it consciously. Traveling by plane, using computers and telephones, and any high-tech machines can create problems. Therefore, be a little more careful on these topics. If you want to check how this celestial situation affects you, click on the link: and use the button at the end of the article to check the personal impact on you and your overall star map.

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