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Lunar eclipse from the penumbra of the Earth - 5.06.2020

GLOBAL PROGNOSIS: On 5.06 a lunar eclipse from the Earth's penumbra will take place, as the axis of the eclipse together with Mars forms a right triangle - the symbol of serious aggressive problems and dangers. This eclipse will be visible from Bulgaria mostly in its maximum phase at 22h 25m 05s, when part of the disk will darken slightly. The fact that there is no complete shadow on the Moon is a sign that the strength of the eclipse is 50% weaker than normal, but since Mars, which is currently constantly increasing in its luminosity, is actively involved in the eclipse, this eclipse cannot is ignored.

Globally, and especially in the following countries, dangerous events are likely: USA, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Switzerland. In some of these countries, there may be potential escalations of tensions between the government and the people, terrorist acts, destructive riots, mass killings, in the worst case, a civil war organized by the financial mafia, or at least an attempt to do so. In the United States, such a situation already exists, and paid protesters are facing heavily armed people. There is a possibility that in the period 4-24.06 in the United States there will be a serious escalation of tension and even brutal attacks against the government and the President himself. To this end, the security services in the countries described above must maximize their preparedness to respond.

In seismic terms for the countries described above there is a CODE FOR SEISMIC DANGER ORANGE, and for Bulgaria and its neighbors - CODE YELLOW.

Personally, people who have a horoscope strongly affected by the described right triangle should beware of injuries, hot objects and water, sharp objects, contagious people, aggressive animals, conflict situations, traffic accidents, criminals and disharmonious personalities. Undertaking medical procedures is extremely unreasonable. This Astrological Internet Software allows you to check exactly how this lunar eclipse affects you with the button at the end of the article.

Spiritually awakened people can help themselves and their loved ones, their people and the world by meditating and praying in the period of maximum eclipse in order to reduce the danger to the individual, loved ones and the entire planet. In such moments, good and light come together to work together.

In the video in the FB post you can see the areas of the Earth over which the eclipse is realized. And on the links provided, you can see more information about both the eclipse and the serious danger of armed mass clashes between warring groups.

You have the opportunity to make a prognostic analysis of your horoscope regarding an upcoming space event. The new functionality of the online astrological software / allows you to see at least 2-3 additional levels of information about the period around 5.06.2020. You can make a prognostic analysis by transit, progressive, symbolic directional and primary directional techniques in the FORECASTS tab. All you have to do is register on the site and interpret your horoscope for the period. The site can provide you with thousands of pages of information about you and your life personally on at least 20 specific topics that interest you - Health, Love, Finance, Work, Spirituality, Creativity, Sexuality, Risk and many more. Interpretations and prognosis are available in the INTERPRETATION and FORECASTS tabs. Enjoy abundance in essence.

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LINK for the tension in the USA: https : //


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