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Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


MAGNIFICENT NEW MOON OF COSMIC LOVE: We enter the period 11-15.03.2021, when the planet combines the planet of human love - Venus with the planet of Cosmic Love - Neptune and coincides with the New Moon on 13.03 at 10:21 GMT. This is one of the highest cosmic impulses to the ascension and evolution of Humanity and it is extremely important that all beings of Love work intensively for the salvation and ascension of the entire planet in the World of Love. I recommend at the exact moment of the New Moon, as well as at the moment when you see the First Crescent Moon, to make an intense prayer from the heart and soul for the Manifestation of God's Love in our lives, for contemplation of the Second Coming of Christ as Cosmic Love in souls. the minds and hearts of the people of the Earth, the peoples and the whole Planet. Good prayer is one of the most valuable methods given for such sacred moments. I wish you, your soul to blossom and send the sacred fragrance of Love in the whole solar system and to all beings in need of love, care and caress. Be one with the powerful energies of God, because if now in the two special moments described you are one with Love, it will have a powerful influence for the whole year and even your whole life.

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