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New more powerful version of the site

The team of wants to make you happy with the fact that the large-scale renovation of the site with the newly created modules for visualization, analysis, interpretation and forecasting of the horoscope is starting. We have set the world's first online 3D software for visualizing the horoscope as a sphere with all constellations. This new software can show the starry sky in the original fixed zodiac of ancient astrologers, as well as through the standard tropical zodiac. Along with this, the system visualizes all subdivisions of the zodiac, such as decanates, terms, dodecatemoria, including the newly introduced as dwarf planets in the solar system Ceres and Eris with their real location. Many new methods for analysis and visualization of planetary configurations have been prepared for the site. There are also methods for interpreting the horoscope in an extremely detailed form, through which everyone can interpret their horoscope to a depth that you judge for yourself. Visual and textual methods for forecasting have been prepared according to at least 4 different prognostic methods - Primary Directorates, Symbolic Directorates, Progressions, Transits. In all newly created modules there are free levels of use, as well as extremely affordable paid services, which in most cases are measured in pennies. Astrology gives us vast knowledge and opportunities that cannot be paid for. The team of the site has been working for years for this most modern Internet-based astrological software of a new generation and at the same time, the maintenance of the site requires a serious technological base, software support and program development in the future. affordable services for all. All this will be available in stages in a few days. The team hopes that many years of efforts to create the most modern astrological software will be used and evaluated adequately.

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