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Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


GLOBAL FORECAST (6-16.08): On 11.08 there is a partial solar eclipse, in which the planets Jupiter and Mercury take a strong part. The eclipse will be visible over Russia, the United States and China, and its main information line passes near the cities of St. Petersburg, Kiev, Ankara, Cairo. Fortunately, the eclipse is not visible from Bulgaria. This shows at the geopolitical level that the tensions between the United States and China, as well as between the United States and Turkey, will escalate and become very active, especially for some religious or ideological reason. Global trade initiatives will become even more tense, and the likelihood of open trade wars and tariffs is very high. The eclipse shows that communications between nations can go in the wrong direction due to religious or political clashes. Also, political leaders can get into verbal conflicts and scandals, and in the worst case there is a danger to them. Aviation danger is again present, unfortunately it affects all countries of Central Europe, including Germany, Italy and Bulgaria, as well as 67.73.79 west meridian and 101, 107 and 113 eastern. It is obvious that the political tension between France, England and Brussels regarding Brexit will escalate, and new political scandals will escalate in Bulgaria as well. Seismic hazard is present with CODE RED for the period 11.08 + -5 days for Turkey, Egypt, Iceland, Alaska, Kamchatka, the islands of Oceania, New Zealand, regarding Bulgaria there is CODE ORANGE for 11.08 + -3 days.

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Personally, this eclipse can create misunderstandings, inadequate communication, clashes of ideas, ego struggles, as well as unnecessary chatter and scandals. Therefore, the reasonable person keeps inner and outer silence in such periods and tries to consciously avoid conflicts. Standing in the Sun on 11.08 from 12 to 19 hours is not reasonable, in the period 11.08- + 2 days people with sensitive psyche should not get into stress, and people who have health problems on the topic of high or low blood pressure or problems with the liver, you need to be more careful and take prophylactic blood thinners and avoid the heat. In terms of climate and weather, we are likely to see exceptional new highs in very hot weather and large forest fires due to this, and elsewhere - severe thunderstorms and strong winds and tornadoes.

Spiritually, the conscious person does not undertake important activities and does not make key decisions in the period 9-13.08. Reason requires at this time to work to alleviate tensions in society and the inner world of man through prayer, the application of virtues and conscious harmonization.

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