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Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


PERIOD OF INTENSIVE TRANSFORMATION: In space, an extremely powerful and rare cosmic configuration of transformational order is realized. Six cosmic factors: Mercury, Mars, Ceres, Saturn and Uranus form a pyramidal structure of stepped order, which focuses extremely strong planetary energies on the daily lives of people and global processes in the human world. Reasonable people use this combination to help themselves in life and to soften and ennoble the complex and dangerous cosmic energies that have been activated between Mercury and Mars, and on the other hand: Saturn and Uranus. Tensions between Mars and Mercury show a confrontation in terms of communication and transport. The year-round tension between Saturn and Uranus shows a confrontation between the past and the future in people's lives. This transformational configuration mitigates these processes and enables people to fix problems or use difficult conditions to their advantage. There is a model for support for both medical and professional tasks. If you want to check the influence on your horoscope of this powerful celestial figure, go to the link: and read what else is written there.

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