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Type: Weekly - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION OF KARMA THROUGH HIGH LOVE: Happy March 8 to all ladies! May Cosmic Love bless you and elevate you evolutionarily! To do this, the cosmos these days helps through a favorable alchemical celestial figure in the form of a trapezoid. It involves the Sun, Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter, as well as the karmic factors Lower Lunar Node and Lilith. This is a sign that the negative processes of the past can be harmonized and mitigated thanks to Cosmic Love and Faith in God! Therefore, dear ladies, use this auspicious moment in the period 7-9.03.2021 to help yourself in life. If you want to check how this positive alchemical configuration affects you, go to the link: read the additional information and use the buttons at the end of the articles to check the influence of the quoted figure on your overall personal horoscope, and not only on your zodiac sign.

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