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A POWERFUL NEW MOON WITH SPIRITUAL ENERGIES FOR AWAKENED PEOPLE, BUT ALSO WITH DANGEROUS ENERGIES FOR THE WORLD: On 11.02 at 21:05 BG time one of the strongest new moons of our time takes place, because it runs parallel to the configuration 'Fa a more powerful parade of planets. If you want to check how this New Moon and phalanx configuration affects you, go to the link: and check what the impact is personally on your overall horoscope with the button at the end of the article. This New Moon will bring a very strong impetus to the development of intelligent people in the direction of the Age of Aquarius, if they devote time to Spiritual work, prayer and visualization of the Higher Ideas of mankind.

For the world, the New Moon in the next 6 months will bring political transformations, the fall of governments, large protests and even something like revolutions, but also a deepening of the complex situation with the pandemic, mostly due to serious political pressure. In nature there will be a manifestation of almost all dangerous elements - space, sun, air, water and earth. It is a question that in the coming month there will be strong processes in the so-called Space weather - falling cars, rising radiation from cosmic rays, solar flares and subsequent magnetic storms, all sorts of strange phenomena in the sky, as well as stormy winds and blizzards, heavy snowfall or problems with major floods, landslides, avalanches and unfortunately large earthquakes.

There is CODE RED in the periods 9-14.02, 19.02, 27.02, 6.03 + -2 days for the following regions: 49 из.мер. + - 2 degrees; range 58-69 iz.mer., 75-80 iz.mer., as well as 100-105 zap.mer., 112-121 zap.mer., 129 zap.mer. + -2 degrees as the danger to Indonesia, Japan, central South America and the Caribbean continues. Eastern Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan also receive powerful tidal seismic forces with CODE RED. Iceland, Portugal, Spain, West Africa receive tensile gravitational forces and from there CODE ORANGE. For Bulgaria there is a YELLOW CODE and the probability of earthquakes is low, but along the lines of Berlin, Bratislava, Belgrade, Skopje, Athens, Eastern Crete, Central Egypt there is still very strong seismic energy and processes of abrupt transformation, unpredictable political and social phenomena. of chaotic order, sudden power outages and hacker attacks. On the line Groningen-Bonn-Bern-Turin-Tunisia + -2 degrees there is a serious danger of large-scale manifestations of the water element in the winter-spring conditions until March inclusive.

Personally, this New Moon and the 'Phalanx' configuration will bring a huge concentration of energy that will require mastering, transforming and redirecting the powerful tidal wave of events, astral forces in the emotional life and serious life dynamics. The awakening of the higher functions of consciousness and true spiritual life is required from the cosmos in order to realize and apply the Evolutionary goals of our life. Love and Faith in God merge, destiny and thought are activated, and the Spirit, manifested in the Higher Self, works on a large scale, creating conditions for the awakening of the asleep and a powerful impulse of those who have already awakened in a creative and evolutionary sense. This is a period for considering new projects, graduation and development of a professional and partnership plan. If you want to check how this New Moon and phalanx configuration affects you, go to the link: and check what is the influence personally on your overall horoscope with the button at the end of the article, and not only on your zodiac sign, as non-professional astrological sites, media and newspapers offer you. Astrology is a sacred and profound science that does not tolerate profanation and extreme humiliation of the Great Knowledge of the Ancients.

✨Also, you can see for a certain period ahead Visual thematic forecasts in the PROGNOSES tab, sub-tab "SHORT-TERM THEMATIC" and in particular the graphics Spirituality, Profession, Business, Creative impulses, Partner life at: Prognoses in what condition is the graph in each of the listed modules and when there are minima, maxima or passages of the graph through zero, which will guide you to the moments during which you need to be conscious in trying to realize your actions on a spiritual, creative, professional and business level, as well as on a partnership level. Use the moments of the maxima in the graphs to realize the good energies in your horoscope. In this way you will receive spiritual, creative, professional, business and partner astrological analysis and prediction from me personally for you, based on your overall horoscope, and not just how the yellow newspapers and entertainment and news sites interpret your zodiac sign, in other words - often completely accidental and unprofessional writing the situation regarding the position of your Sun in your horoscope.

If you need a much more detailed interpretation of the influences of the New Moon and the Phalanx configuration that generate the main energy according to your personal horoscope, you can go to the link: Interpretation and view both free texts and penny explanations for:

• the position of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in the zodiac signs in relation to your horoscope, explaining the psychological position of these planets in your life (see sub-tab "Planets in the zodiac"); • the position of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in the astrological houses in relation to your horoscope, which show the life realization of these planets in your life (see sub-tab "Planets in houses");
• the rule by the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn of certain astrological houses in your horoscope and thus the causal connections that these planets make between certain houses and topics of your life through your star chart (see subtab " Home managers ");
• the angular connections or aspects that the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn make with other planets, showing karmic, life, psychological and even archetypal relationships that are set by your soul as a subject to study before your individuality in this reincarnation (see sub-tab "Aspects").

All this is available as information for your entire personal horoscope at: Interpretation, as to receive information measured in hundreds of pages, created by me personally for your horoscope, you need to register at: Registration. This creates an account in the online astrological software, which keeps the interpreted information just for you and gives you full access to unique astrological knowledge and data that no book, website, software or seminar will provide you. There is free information in this software, but there is extensive paid information, which is as cheap and accessible as possible even for people with the most modest abilities. We did this because we want to give access to the highest professional and high quality resources to all lovers of ancient knowledge and all people who want to achieve deeper self-knowledge. As for many things in this world, resources, energy, labor, electricity, servers, computers are needed for a professional and serious approach to the ancient science of Astrology. For this reason alone, the services cost pennies.

✨If you want to see all free and paid resources in the software, log in here: Services and see - they are dozens. If you have any questions and want to know more about Astrological Software visit the link Frequently Asked Questions.

I recommend using this powerful, state-of-the-art software on desktops, laptops, or larger tablets, as modern, narrowly designed phones severely limit the software's imaging capabilities and aren't appropriate, even because they have major software and hardware limitations. which complicate the normal use of quality and professional astrological programs for visualization, interpretation and prediction of your personal horoscope. When you have already registered and logged in to your account and want to have full and maximum professional access to the astrological information for your personal horoscope, you can load funds at: Load funds and use all paid services on the site.

If all of the above does not satisfy you, because you want to see the prognostic information for your personal horoscope in short and long-term TEXT format, you can visit the PROGNOSES tab at: Prognoses. The sub-tab "SHORT-TERM TRANSITS" presents several different modules for analysis of the real space dynamics according to your personal horoscope. For example, if you select the "Linear Space Dynamics" module and click on the button below the "1 week" demo chart, the system will spend a computing time of 0.7 asters (asters are tokens purchased on the site when you load funds at: Load funds) and will show you all the cosmic aspects between real space and your personal horoscope for a week ahead and thus will get a lot detailed weekly horoscope.

☄This forecast is displayed in chronological time line, and the aspects are arranged by types - matches (green), positive (red), negative (blue), creative (dark green), spiritual (purple). When you specify a color line, you will immediately see which aspect is visualized through it. If you click with the mouse on this line, you will now be able to interpret the specific prognostic aspect in detail with tens or even hundreds of pages of text, personally created by me for your weekly horoscope. Please note - this is not a speech hyperbole, but a real opportunity that is only provided to you at The interesting thing in this case is that for the first time in the world a focused interpretation of the forecasts on 25 topics of life is made and in this way you can choose any topics and interpret the selected aspects especially for them. In this way you get very specific and specific astrological information, selected especially for you and your interests in life.

I advise you to use the two light blue arrows at the top of the screen, which will hide the right column of the site and stretch the timeline on a large screen. In this way you will have maximum convenient access to very detailed information. Also pay attention to the timeline navigation buttons. If you turn off the buttons: "weak", "medium strong", "creative" and "spiritual" aspects will remain only the most important and main transit aspects that form the context of events in a given week. If you turn off the "compact" button you will see all aspects as similar information. If you use the "+" and "-" buttons you will be able to expand and decrease the timeline at your discretion. Don't be afraid to click on the navigation buttons - they are for your convenience. All the aspects mentioned above are also available in a simple list, which is accessible by clicking on the red text below the timeline, which has the same name as the module used. In this way, we have created the most easy tool for professional astrological advice on your short-term predictions.

In the same way, we have made it as easy as possible to access the most powerful long-term prognostic methods in Astrology - the Primary Directions and the Symbolic Directions in your horoscope. They have been used by all great astrologers and allow you to see the most important events in your life from a few months to 100 years after your birth. These forecasting methods are available in the sub-tabs "Long-term forecasts" and "Most important long-term". If you choose the second quoted sub-tab, you will have access to your Primary Directorates, which will show you all those events in your life that were designed in the first hours before and after your birth and have the greatest prognostic power in Astrology. Since the calculation of the Primary Directorates for 100 years costs a huge computing resource of the servers, this is a slightly more expensive service, but a service that is worth it, because once calculated you will have access to the most important information about your future. be given by only a few astrologers in Bulgaria and even fewer astrologers around the world. And here the information is presented in a timeline, as each aspect is shown by a color line, which by clicking on it with the mouse you will be able to interpret it by clicking the button: "Interpret ...". The interesting thing here is that only in the online astrological software you have the opportunity to interpret with tens and even hundreds of pages of text each ghost directorate in your horoscope - a service provided for the first time in the world.

Use these new tools created in the name of the ancient science of Astrology, which shows us the meaning of our lives.

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