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Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -

Solar eclipse on 30.04.2022

On 30.04.2022 a partial solar eclipse takes place, followed by an eclipse of Uranus by the Moon. The partial solar eclipse affects South America and Siberia, the Uranian eclipse affects the European Union, Moldova, China and the countries of Central America and the area around Boston and Quebec. The solar eclipse is likely to cause earthquakes along the west coast of South America, with the Balkans color-coded YELLOW for seismic hazard. But the Uranian eclipse could realize major aviation problems or plane accidents and crashes, energy problems - power outages, entire cities and countries going into total darkness due to electrical problems, hacker mass attacks, major Internet problems, industrial and crazy, inadequate and extremely eccentric people caused large scale accidents, crashes or air accidents both on the ground and in the air, problems with electric cars, electric car factories or large electric car On a personal level, this blackout requires one to be sensible and careful, to avoid electrical hazards and high speeds, computers and telephones are in danger, and there is a greater than normal tendency towards accidents and unforeseen events. If you want to check out how this solar eclipse is affecting you, use the button at the end of the article.

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