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Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


THE BIRTH OF VENUS BRINGS RENEWAL AND ABUNDANT LIFE: In the period 20-27.04.2021 the sacred birth of Venus in the phase of Aphrodite will take place. It will rise quietly and gently after sunset on the western horizon on April 21, 2021, and the actual observation of Venus will show the exact moment and its mood in its new cycle. When Venus begins a new cycle, it always appears as Vespers on the western horizon, because its main influence is like a planet ruled by the night. In this state she is quietly born as Love in the human heart and brings abundant and beautiful life. She comes to life with the gaze of a virgin girl, but her touch is a touch of the Cosmic Woman. During this period, as it coincides with the planet of Astrology - Uranus exactly on the day of sunrise and birth, it will give an extremely strong impetus for renewal in human life and the pursuit of understanding Cosmic life. Although Saturn does not agree with these renewal processes because he wants to stay in the old, as Jupiter helps and gives a spiritual and noble liberating ray to the birth of Venus, it will help all souls who seek Love and want to be pardoned. from her! If you want to check how you are affected by the beautiful energies of the rising of Aphrodite in conjunction with Uranus, supported by Jupiter, click on the link: , read the additional information and the button at the end of the article check the influence on your overall horoscope.

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