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Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


In the period 14-16.10 a series of strong positive and negative configurations are realized in the sky simultaneously. This creates a turbulent situation in the Astral world that intensely affects people personally and processes in the world. On October 14 to 15, the Moon and Mars coincide by participating in two positive, one negative strong configurations as well as in a square with Neptune. The Moon-Mars coincidence itself is quite problematic because it activates aggressive, destructive, criminal, military and accident processes especially related to the water element or any medical problems, which influences are fortunately partially mitigated and dominated by positive processes due to the fact that the coincidence participates in one of the most powerful positive configurations - the Grand Trigon with Saturn and the Sun's coincidence with Venus.

This positive celestial figure creates intense love experiences, good routines and successes in partnership, kindling love passions and experiencing spiritual or psychological growth in love. Since the Moon-Mars conjunction and the Sun-Venus conjunction participate in a trapezoidal transformative figure along with Neptune and Pluto, there are mitigating processes that reduce the destructive influence of the Mars-Moon conjunction. This astrological trapezium has alchemical tendencies because it helps people overcome some problems through conscious psychological action at crucial life moments. Along with this, however, the Great Square between Pluto, Eris, Lilith, and the Sun with Venus is also at work in the sky, and this square creates conspiracies and intrigues in people's personal lives, as well as great geopolitical tensions along the lines of active war. These conflict processes are further reinforced by the re-formed Arrow figure between the Moon's conjunction with Mars, Jupiter and the Moon's Nodes, which figure indicates that there is an extremely dangerous karmic situation that could create chaos in both people's personal lives and the present of all humanity.

Fortunately, we are not voiceless letters in these processes and we can influence the Cosmos, not just it influencing us. Through our conscious efforts for harmonization and positive change in our personal lives, through Collective Prayer for Peace among the Nations, and through the manifestation of the Virtues in our daily lives, we rational human souls create miniature centers of the Good which, when interconnected through the sense of Collective Consciousness and Collective Action, become much more powerful and form a protective field of Christ's Vision around ourselves, our loved ones, our nation, and the entire Planet. In this way we can participate on the side of Good in the raging cosmic processes reverberating in the depths of the Solar System and our Spiritual life.

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Don't forget to also check the charts of health, risk, occupation, love and partner relationships at the link: and if there are lows and long lasting lows below zero on the charts in the periods described above - this indicates that you need to beware of the particular topic you are exploring in the periods described. Correspondingly, if there are maxima and long lasting plateaus above zero on the charts - this is a good sign and you should use it for harmonization on the themes of life depicted on the charts.

If you want to have a longer term predictive perspective, log on to the link: and see which are the upcoming very strong astrological configurations, log on to the pages dedicated to them and via the button at the end of the given article explore the influence of a particular celestial figure relative to your personal star chart. At this link you can access dozens of celestial figures in the coming days, and it's a convenience for people who want to have a longer-term perspective for themselves and their loved ones.

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The Christ Forces in the Spirit World seek the assistance of conscious rational human souls!

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