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Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


On 25.10 в 13:48 BG Time there is a partial solar eclipse taking place in which the planet Venus is heavily involved, not only is she still days after her New Venus when her new cycle is conceived, but along with this the planet of Love also has an eclipse hours after the solar eclipse, and while the solar eclipse is visible to Europe and Asia, Venus' eclipse of the lunar disk is not visible to the naked eye, but is projected over vast areas of the Earth. Things are made even stranger by the fact that the day before these two eclipses the Moon also eclipses visible Mercury, which is preparing to set in the Sun's rays on 28.10. This Mercurial eclipse will be highly visible at the rising of visible Mercury in North America and thus the planet of Intelligence, Communication, Business and the Exchanges is pre-eclipsed at its rising over one of the most financially and stock market active places on the planet. Added to all this is the fact that Saturn is stationary, and the day after the eclipses of the Sun and Venus, Mars also becomes stationary. Thus, within 3 days, almost the entire solar system realizes extremely strange signs, where 4 of the 7 planets visible to the naked eye participate in eclipses, and another two of the 7 become stationary, with the 7th planet, Jupiter, again in a strange position - retrograde, and in a situation of great closeness to Earth. Practically all planets show some kind of blockages on a global level, the eclipses of Venus and Mercury were observed in ancient times and there are preserved omens that they led to the collapse of the economy of the then countries, and this in modern language means a tendency towards a great collapse of the stock exchanges, the beginning of a global recession and a very complex situation that is connected with the disruption of communications and normal living conditions. This situation is of course most clearly shown by the projection of the Solar Eclipse over Europe and Asia, the most affected territories being of course the areas under the most intense hostilities, but along with them the capital cities of Berlin, Copenhagen, Prague, Vienna, Rome are extremely affected by this Partial Solar Eclipse. This of course indicates that a truly European crisis of unprecedented proportions is imminent. The processes are made even more interesting by the fact that some of the Eclipses described are also involved in the Great Square figure involving Pluto, Eris and Lilith, which already makes it abundantly clear, and I have already commented on this, that there is a deliberate conspiracy and a vast conspiracy at the geopolitical level which seems to be using these ultra rare astrological conditions to provoke a new kind of crisis and complex period in the life of humanity. In the coming days I will give more information about these eclipses and try to show where their energies are projected, most intensely, and I will also give a seismic and catastrophic astrocartographic analysis.

- If you want to oppose the conspiracy I am talking about and along with that, if you want to protect yourself from the extremely adverse influences described, participate in the Collective Prayer every day at 12:00 noon BG time. Used:
1. The Good Prayer -
2. Prayer from the heart for protection and peace among nations.
3. Psalm 91 -

- If you would like to check specifically against your personal horoscope what the situation is in relation to the complex processes described, you can access the following link: and use the button at the end of the article to check specifically what the situation is in relation to your star chart of the Great Square, which includes two of the eclipses.

- Don't forget to also check the charts of health, risk, occupation, finances and partner relationships at the link: and if there are lows and long lasting lows below zero on the charts in the periods described above - this indicates that you need to beware of the particular topic you are exploring in the periods described.

- If you want to check how the solar eclipse affects you, click on the button:

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God gives us clear signs and through them we are better guided and protected through the First Science of Mankind, Astrology, because knowledge is power!

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