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TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE: On 16.05 at 7:20 a.m. Bulgarian time, a total lunar eclipse is realized, which fortunately is only partially visible from the territory of Bulgaria. It is noteworthy that this eclipse occurs together with the strong configuration of a Tau square involving Saturn. This instantly triggers not only seismic activity, which has already begun, but also serious danger for all people who have important cosmic factors in their horoscopes around 25°+-3 in the zodiac signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. If a person has Sun, Moon, Ascendant or any other important astrological factor in these 4 areas there is a possibility of unpleasant events throughout the period May 13 to 22. Even though the Mars-Neptune coincidence is harmoniously related to the eclipse axis, it tends to cause oil spills, chemical plant and factory problems, accidents at sea with ships, serious mass crimes or mass poisonings by for example toxic chemicals or low quality alcohol. In people who have a serious negative influence from the eclipse or the Mars-Neptune conjunction is in an unfavorable relationship with their star charts, they should be careful on the health plane and avoid psychological dramas, dangerous dealings with the water element, overindulgence in alcohol, unwise use of chemicals or use of drugs, and foods that pose a danger of intoxication.

There is a seismic hazard in western Turkey, with the cities of Istanbul, Bursa, affected, as well as all others in the area from the 28th to 30th meridians east. Unfortunately there is also a seismic hazard in Eastern Bulgaria as not very strong earthquakes are possible at sea but of a lower class compared to Turkey where there is a CODE RED for seismic hazard. There is a seismic hazard with CODE ORANGE in western Italy and its neighbouring islands, and North Africa around Algeria, Tunisia, Alexandria and Cairo with CODE YELLOW. Georgia, Iran, and the countries around 114 degrees East Meridian +-3 degrees are CODED ORANGE, and the Caribbean and Central American countries are CODED RED, as well as eastern New Zealand and the islands to its east and north.

As far as the likelihood of marine incidents or oil spills, shipping problems and chemical incidents are concerned, Japan, Australia, eastern Brazil, the Gulf, the U.S. West Coast, the cities of San Francisco and Vancouver in Canada as well as areas of the Indian Ocean from 54 to 58 East Meridian and the Atlantic Ocean from 38 to 32 West Meridian are affected.

Unfortunately, the cities of Paris, Bilbao, Barcelona and areas of West and Central England are CODED RED for terrorist threat.

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