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Type: Periodical - Influence: Strong - Level: Global -


On 11.02.2021 at 14:59:30 GMT Venus and Jupiter conjunct in the Aura of the Sun. This is a special moment, exactly on the day of the New Moon, when almost all visible planets in the solar system gather around the Sun, but Venus - the planet of Love, Harmony and Arts merges with Jupiter - the planet Faith in God, the connection with the Spiritual World and nobility.

This creates conditions for a sacred connection with the Spiritual world on the basis of Love, the development of Virtues and Evolution of consciousness. In ancient times, these coincidences were described as the birth of Athena from the head of Zeus, which symbolizes the manifestation of Divine wisdom in a beautiful and harmonious form. Use this sacred moment for prayer and conscious manifestation of the Love of God, because this Spiritual impulse will control and move the processes in your life and the life of the Planet until 30.04.2022, when Venus and Jupiter will conjunct again in an even more powerful, this triple conjunction Venus-Jupiter-Neptune. There is a gradation of higher energies and people who want to be part of the Evolution of Mankind are called to use these moments for spiritual development.

Together with the described processes, the coincidence of Venus and Jupiter form the transformation configuration 'Lighthouse' together with 4 other cosmic factors. This configuration comes into our lives to help us on a healthy, spiritual, mental, creative, professional and social level. If you want to check how this celestial figure affects you, go to the link: and check what the impact is personally on your overall horoscope with the button at the end of the article, not just on the zodiac you, as non-astrological sites, media and newspapers offer you. Astrology is a sacred and profound science that does not tolerate profanation and extreme humiliation of the Great Knowledge of the Ancients.

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