This website and Internet software is dedicated to the Astrology Science and is developed by a team of professionals.

It contains a variety of innovative astrological tools available to every user of the site. You can access the site most efficiently and with highest quality via a desktop computer or laptop with a mouse and keyboard. When you use this site on a tablet or phone, it works normally, but since there is less resolution and no mouse, you may have some basic limitations or inefficiencies while using the website. We recommend that the site be used on a computer or laptop, because then you will have the maximum functionality of this Internet-based Astrological Software.

Once registered, you get a FREE set of various astrological features:

  • You can view your horoscope for free in an interactive astrological chart, presented for beginners, for Astrology amateur enthusiasts, and for professionals. This is possible by clicking on one of the blue human-like icons above the astrological chart: point at the icon, and you will find out which one is for which purpose
  • This is the only software in Bulgaria using the newly discovered planets – Eris, Ceres, as well as the asteroids: Chiron, Pholus, Pallas, Juno, Vesta and others. You actually adjust your horoscope as you wish with many setting options that only the most powerful Astrology software – – gives you. To do this, click on the special “Settings” (“Complete setup”) icon – in the form of a wrench, and the “Help” icon – looking like a question mark.
  • Once you build your horoscope, you can see for FREE which the most important factors in it are – both in the astro chart itself and alongside of it – in the analysis field, visible to the right of the horoscope if you enter the website via computer or laptop, and below the horoscope if you enter from a phone or tablet. It shows the spatial positions of important objects in relation to the constellations, Zodiac signs and astrological houses.
  • You have the opportunity to view all positions of planets in Zodiac signs, and get a brief interpretation of them for FREE – just go to the “INTERPRETATION” tab, “Planets in Signs” sub-tab.
  • You have the opportunity to see for FREE where the houses are and what they include, as well as their rulers, with brief interpretations, available interactively by pointing with the mouse, and more detailed interpretations in the “INTERPRETATION” tab, “Planets in Houses” sub-tab. Free information about the position of House Rulers in Houses is available in the “Rulers in Houses” sub-tab.
  • You have the opportunity to view all aspects in the horoscope for FREE: just point at one of the icons on the left of the map or in the horoscope picture itself, and also alongside of it – in the “INTERPRETATION” tab, “Aspects” sub-tab. In this sub-tab, you have access to FREE short interpretations of your aspects.
  • You have the opportunity to see what is present in your personal horoscope from among 170 geometric configurations of aspects of planets by analyzing 3, 4, 5 and more planets interconnected simultaneously. It is FREE and it is the ONLY software in the world that implements and visualizes it directly in your horoscope, moreover – interactively. These configurations are also available alongside – in the “INTERPRETATION” tab, “Configurations” sub-tab. In this sub-tab, you have access to FREE short interpretations of your geometric configurations.
  • You can build and analyze the charts of your close ones completely FREE. Just change the date and data by clicking directly on the birth chart data to the left of the horoscope circle. Click on the “Help” icon – and you will find explanation how to do this.
  • You can build a transit or progression chart in relation to a horoscope completely FREE of charge – these are the key prognostic methods. This is done by clicking on the plus sign at the top right of the chart.
  • You can build a partnership horoscope (synastry chart) also for FREE by clicking on the plus sign at the top right of the main chart and entering your partner’s data. What is unique in this case is that you can view the aspects in the synastry chart directly and interactively by simply pointing at the given partnership aspect with the mouse. You will see a lot of useful and important information. You can even view the interpretation in the “INTERPRETATION” tab.
  • You can see, completely FREE and ONLY here, the Cosmic Astrological Weather in the next 5 days, which is visualized through a colour graph chart with minima and maxima showing the good and the dangerous moments in the present and the near future. What is unique in this case is that if you point at the graph with the mouse, you will see a list of aspects, configurations and phases forming the given state of the Cosmic Weather, shown in total as a sum of positive and negative energies. All this is available in the “PROGNOSES” tab, “Astrological Weather” sub-tab.
  • Absolutely FREE and ONLY here, you can view your 3D horoscope. This gives you accurate and true astrological information about your horoscope, without the two-dimensional distortions and errors due to projections that are allowed by the ordinary flat horoscope. THE THREE-DIMENSIONAL HOROSCOPE gives you the opportunity to view for FREE in which constellations, houses, decanates, terms, dodecatemoria, etc. astrological subdivisions actually the planets were, which constellations rose, set and culminated at the moment of your birth, which constellations are in the Zenith and Nadir, which constellations never rise and which are eternally never-setting at the top of your horoscope. In this way, you will be able to see 48 ancient constellations and 88 modern constellations, and more precisely – where they are positioned in your horoscope, thus giving you Archetypal information about each of your houses and planets according to your birth. In the 3D horoscope you will see the Egyptian constellations, the Ancient constellations, and you will be able to build your horoscope through the Real Sidereal Babylonian Zodiac, as well as through the Standard Tropical Zodiac. All this is completely FREE and accessible from the left menu (three lines in the upper left corner) of the 3D horoscope, accessible from the “3D” tab or through the spherical icon just above the horoscope, to the right of the human-like icons.


We also offer full-fledged tools for in-depth interpretation and prognostics – some of them are also given for free, and others are at symbolic prices of a few cents:

  • You can astrologically interpret planets in signs, planets in houses and rulers in houses, each of which is interpreted in 7 different ways and levels of interpretation.
  • It is also possible to interpret the available aspects in depth in a targeted vector way, as was done in ancient times. It is meant that any aspect has a beginning and an end – an active planet and a recipient planet. This is completely UNIQUE and ONE OF ITS KIND in the world, available in this software and different from the standard elementary interpretation of aspects available in books and taught in courses and seminars. The geometric configurations of aspects in the specified horoscope or transit / progression / synastry chart are also interpreted. Aspects and Configurations are interpreted thematically in 5 spheres of influence and 25 specific topics of life. All this is done in the “INTERPRETATION” tab, “Aspects” and “Configurations” sub-tabs.
  • The numerous prognostic modules in the “PROGNOSES” tab offer:

  • Simplified thematic prognoses with a general assessment of the days – displayed via graphs and calendar, in short-term and long-term time periods on the following topics: Health, Love, Profession, Spirituality, Creativity, Sexuality, Finances, Emotionality, Mentality, Business, Partnership, Risk, Protection, General Danger (Total Risk Analysis). This is available in the “Short-Term Thematic” sub-tab.
  • For those more familiar with the subject, there are prognostic modules based on the real cosmic dynamics (transits) of the known astrological factors.
  • We also offer some of the most powerful and extremely rarely implemented astrological methods for prognosis – Progressions, Symbolic and Primary Directions, which mark the most important moments of human life. What is UNIQUE here is that only in this software you have the opportunity to do Primary Directions by the Culmination Method of Hermes – a prognostic method, being resurrected for the first time in at least 2000 years. To do this, go to the “Most Important Long-Term” sub-tab in the “PROGNOSES” tab.
  • For those interested in and studying the Astrology Science, all prognostic modules offer in-depth interpretation of the constituent astrological events shown in a chronology (timeline), a calendar and a list. Each aspect of the chronology timeline is subject to thematic interpretation, after clicking on the event from the timeline chosen by you.


All made/calculated prognoses are available in the user account until the end of their period. We do not currently offer any automated services such as automated email or SMS notification – prognosis, but such are planned for the near future.

We hope you continue to be intrigued and pleased with these various opportunities on the website. We have built all this especially for people who are willing to learn and explore the Universe, which is abundant and graceful for all souls!

Good luck in exploring the infinite universe of astrological opportunities!

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