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104 - Classification with more than 100 categories of the non-zodiacal constellations Cygnus, Lyra, Part VIII

On 19.08.2023 at 21:00 BG time will be held a seminar on "Classification with over 100 categories of the non zodiacal constellations: Swan, Lyra, Eagle, North Corona", part VIII. On the occasion of the Divine New Year, we will be working with constellations that have higher Divine energy. With full emphasis first on Swan and its relationship to Orpheus and the vision of Christ's Signature on the Galaxy and the Mysteries of Calvary. Therefore, come to this 104th seminar where the practical work will continue in relation to the group with the constellations outside the group of the 12 zodiacal constellations. The seminar, again stepping on the Historical and Esoteric depth of myths and spiritual ideas, will formulate the relationships of the 4 constellations seen to the teamwork of over 100 categories, giving the basis for the interpretation of the extra-zodiacal constellations. This is done in order to gain a deeper understanding of the Astrological processes and influences coming from the 48 classical constellations, which have a very deep connection to both Egyptian and Sumerian Uranographies. This workshop is entirely practical and will work in real time with the starry sky in the three-dimensional software .

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