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On 29.05.2021 Filip Filipov will hold a seminar on "Consciousness, the Laws of Karma and Astrology". The seminar will explain the idea of ​​Consciousness and will define specifically the karmic laws through which our consciousness operates in Reality. The vision of Consciousness as an information singularity, realizing in the information fabric of our universe a huge number of cyclical causality, will be clarified and developed with examples. Once there is a specific idea of ​​Consciousness and the idea that the universe has at least 4 fundamental categories, it will be important to think about the indestructibility of elements of the four categories of the universe - Matter, Energy, Information and Consciousness. Thanks to this reasoning and the clear formulation of the fundamental Karmic law, the idea of ​​Rebirth as a necessary consequence will be reached. Concerning it, specific examples will be given, which have been studied and scientifically proven in our time, together with examples from the Gospel, through which Christ personally explains the laws of Karma and Rebirth. Once these ideas are clarified, the vision of the Divine horoscope, the horoscopes of the Rebirths and the connection between them will unfold. On this basis, I will show what the horoscope is from a karmic point of view and will explain what are the factors that show the karmic processes in the star chart ... Welcome to the seminar!

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