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59 - The Ancient Teaching and the New Teaching about the Stars and their influences. Part II

On 11.06.2022 at 21:00 BG time will be held a seminar on "The Ancient Teaching and the New Teaching of the Stars and their Influences. Part II". This seminar will explain the basic ideas of the Ancient Doctrine of the Fixed Stars according to the tradition of Hermes, and in the series devoted to this topic will also develop and present the New Doctrine of the Stars and their Influences. The second part will explain basic ideas about the Light of the Stars and its characteristics and Spiritual nature. The Heliacal Phases of the Stars in their cycle in relation to the Sun will then be presented. And this part will continue the explanation of the Spiritual ideas that form our understanding of what a Star System represents and will present the Hermes Principles concerning the Stars. The seminar is extremely essential to understanding the influence of the Stars and without it basic ideas in Astrology cannot be understood.

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