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56 - Full Essential Dignities Algorithm with all divisions of the zodiac

On 21.05.2022 at 21:00 BST will be held a seminar on "Full Algorithm of Essential Dignities with all divisions of the zodiac". In this seminar will be shown the complete algorithm for determining the Essential Dignities, now based on the Zodias, but also on their divisions of halves, decans, quarters, termes, sextiles, sevenths, dodecatemoria and degrees respectively with their planetary rulers. The seminar will examine each of the divisions of the Zodiac and explain the principle of the planetary rulers of each division. Thus, for the first time, a comprehensive Astrological Model will be worked out, defining as fully as possible the Essential Dignities of the planets. The seminar is practical and without it one cannot understand how to analyze a horoscope.

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