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24 - Historical development of Astronomy, as an instrument of Astrology. Astronomical notions and concepts

On 14.08.2021 Filip Filipov will hold a seminar on "Historical development of astronomy as a tool of astrology. Astronomical concepts and concepts." The seminar will explain how Astrology has evolved over the millennia in its Astronomical Toolkit. Ancient, Ancient, Medieval and Modern Concepts in Astronomy will be interpreted from an Astrological point of view. The seminar will show the geocentric and heliocentric ideas, explaining the transition from the ancient method of observing the planets first to modeling with epicycles by the method of Claudius Ptolemy and then to the era of Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo and Newton, who gradually developed modern astrophysical and astronomical ideas. The ecliptic, equatorial and horizontal coordinate systems, the concept of ecliptic inclination, luminosity, stellar time and a number of other astronomical concepts that are directly related to Astrology will be explained ... Welcome to the seminar!

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