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80 - The stars and unique constellations described in the Book of Hermes: "Liber Hermetis", Part X (Capricorn - Continuation)

On 12.11.2022 at 21:00 BG time will be held a seminar on "The stars and unique constellations described in the book of Hermes: "Liber Hermetis", Part IX (Capricorn - Continuation)". This seminar will explore the Book of Hermes, Liber Hermetis, which provides unique and new information about the stars and constellations. This seminar will look at elements of the text related to the zodiac constellation Capricorn - Continuation from 79 seminar, as well as other constellations that have a relationship to it, presenting information only on the stars and constellations with special commentary that on the one hand demonstrates the ideas described in the book, and on the other hand verifies and corrects what is given as technical parameters. The book contains invaluable information about the stars and constellations and their interpretation, without which the serious study of astrology is not possible.

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