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87 - Synthesis Model of Stellar Characteristics According to the New Teaching for the Stars, part II

On 25.02.2023 at 21:00 BG time, a seminar will be held on the topic: "Synthesis model of the characteristics of the stars according to the New Doctrine of the Stars, Part III". This seminar will examine the synthesis of the fundamental astronomical characteristics of the stars from an Esoteric point of view. The Anthropic principle is used, through which an understanding of the Spiritual nature of the Stars is achieved. The ternary and sevenfold understanding of the nature of man is stepped upon, and from there is found a key to understanding the ternary and sevenfold nature of the star. The New Ideas and their Astronomical Elements for Understanding the Astrological Influences of the Stars. These new ideas are derived from the Hermetic Science and from the astrological ideas given by Master Beinsa Duno, as well as from basic Cosmogonic concepts of Esoteric Christianity. Fundamental ideas from the Pythagorean Doctrine of Numbers, the connection between Light and the Virtues given by the Master, a spiritual interpretation of the Life of a Star as a living entity are firmly established, and basic Astronomical characteristics are considered as interpreted through the Spiritual Science of modern times. In this third part, we will continue with the positional characteristics of the stars and their interpretation from the point of view of the Esoteric vision of the universe.
The seminar is of fundamental importance and cannot be missed by the serious student, because it contains introductory important ideas without which the following seminars and the whole teaching of the Stars in Astrology cannot be understood.

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