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60 - The Ancient Teaching and the New Teaching about the Stars and their influences. Part III - The Heliacal Cycle of the Stars

On 18.06.2022 at 21:00 BG time will be held a seminar on "The Ancient Teaching and the New Teaching of the Stars and their Influences. Part III - The Heliаcal Cycle of the Stars". This seminar will explain the basic ideas of the Ancient Teaching of the Fixed Stars and their Heliacal Phases according to the Hermes tradition. First, the cycle of the Heliacal phases of the Moon will be presented as a basic tool, explained even by Christ with a special parable. Then, the idea of the solar rainbow will be discussed, which represents the solar aura, determining the invisibility of the stars that fall within it. Each star has a specific Heliacal cycle that it acquires due to the manifestation of the powerful aura of the Sun. It hides a star for a certain period of time and makes it invisible. It then rises in the Sun's rays in its Heliacal rise, the first visibility of the star after its period of invisibility. After that, there are several more phases that will be covered in the workshop. The seminar is essential to understanding the influence of the Stars and without it, basic ideas in Astrology cannot be understood.

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