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21 - The Astrological Religion of the Thracians - the 12 Faces of God, Known as the 12 Olympian gods

On 24.07.2021 Filip Filipov will hold a seminar on the topic: "The astrological religion of the Thracians - the 12 faces of God, manifested in the 12 Thracian deities, known as the 12 Olympic gods". Evidence will be presented at the seminar that the Thracians created a religion that is now incorrectly called the ancient Greek religion. This religion is Astral and worships the Sun, Moon and Stars. It will be explained how the genealogy of the gods shows the ancient ages of the Earth. The seminar will show the different groups of planets by quality day, night and double planets. The connections between the deities and the zodiac signs will be shown, showing the different qualities of the planets in relation to the qualities of the gods ... Welcome to the seminar!

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